5 grooming gifts to treat your dad to

5 grooming gifts to treat your dad to

Daddy dearest

Text: Renée Batchelor

Dad doesn't always get the most attention compared to mum, but you can remedy the situation with a thoughtful treat this Father's Day

Dads are often the unheralded half of the parental pair. Mother's Day is always a big deal, but sometimes Father's Day barely registers as a blip on our radar. But dad is also more likely to not treat himself to something extravagant — especially if it's a grooming product, tool or treat — making him all the more deserving of an unexpected surprise. Here are some suggestions as to what dad may appreciate come this 18 June.

If dad is like the majority of the male population it's likely his skincare regimen consists of a bar of soap and some water. If you want to really treat him, give him the gift of luxury skincare. From a facial wash to a rich moisturiser to a mud mask, an effective but tightly edited skincare collection is the gift he never knew he needed.
Try: Tom Ford For Men Skincare, from $102-$310.

Tom Ford For Men Purifying Face Cleanser, $102, Skin Revitalizing Concentrate, $310 and  Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer, $215

Depending on his age group, dad would probably appreciate a good, old-fashioned cologne or fragrance with a modern twist. If he's usually a Davidoff or Ralph Lauren kind of guy, up the ante with something slightly unexpected and under-the-radar that still appeals to his classic taste.
Try: Eight & Bob Nuit de Megève, from Escentials
Eight and Bob Nuit de Megeve

Chances are dad already has must-haves like a trusty razor — whether he goes for the disposable kind, a stainless steel option or an electric shaver. But how about other essentials like a shaving mug (handy) or a beard oil to moisturise both the skin and hair around his face (if dad prefers to let his scruff grow out). Now that's thoughtful.
Try: Mühle Porcelain Shaving Mug and Beardbrand Lumber Yard Beard Oil, $23

Muhle shaving mug and Beardbrand beard oil

Whether dad is blessed with a thick and healthy head of hair or is seeing some premature balding, he'll appreciate this set of hair loss essentials that include a shampoo, conditioner, after shower serum and overnight treatment. Once again no dad is going to come out and ask for this, but he sure will use it if its gifted to him.
Try: Bio Royale Groback Kit, $150

Bio Royale Groback Kit, $150

Okay if dad is over 50 chances are he has never stepped foot in a salon before. Treat him to a mani-pedi. At best it will become a new addiction, at worst it will make for a good story. Vaniday has Father's Day treats at selected salons and spas that you can consider. 
Try: Boo-Ti Parlour Classic Manicure and Pedicure, $80Boo-Ti Parlour