Why Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have the brows you'll want

Why Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have the brows you'll want

Brow wowing tips

Text: Renée Batchelor

Benefit's global brow authority Jared Bailey gives us the lowdown on achieving perfect arches

Jared Bailey is the brow master for Benefit. The brand's international spokesperson has seen it all, as he travels the world educating and training Benefit's brow experts and keeping up to date on the latest trends. Here Bailey talks about how to get the right shape, who has the best brows today and how to hide brow regrowth.

1. It's all about the shape
When it comes to brows, achieving the right shape is very important. That is why Bailey recommends going to a professional for your first brow waxing session. "Brows can contour the entire face. Leave the precision work to the pros as they can see the whole picture, and not just one brow at a time. At Benefit we have a brow mapping technique that helps the brow artist determine the best shape." The brow expert will be able to see where your arch should start and where your brows should end — among other things — bringing balance to the face.

2.  Hide the outgrowth in between visits
Bailey says that in general, most women touch up their brows every four to six weeks. But what if you have a tiny amount of outgrowth that you need to hide? "Try tapping some of Benefit's Air Patrol — a skin-toned BB eyelid primer — all away across the lid and on top of the hairs to disguise their appearance." Accentuate your existing brows with a product like Brow Zings — which is both a wax and a powder — so any outgrowth looks less obvious and brows are more defined. 

3. Overplucking is the biggest mistake that women make
Some women want to create an arch, but over-tweeze in the wrong areas, ending up with what Bailey calls a 'comma shape' stamp on the face. Women who are not trained and overzealous, may start their arch too early resulting in this unfortunate shape. Bailey emphasises that proper brow mapping techniques will result in the arch starting at just the right spot.

4. If you want to follow trends, you can style your brows with makeup instead of waxing or plucking them
Anyone can do brow styling to follow a trend. If you want to thicken your brows, you can add some product to the top of the brow. "You can always fight Mother Nature and make your brows a little bit thicker. After you've created the shape, use a product like Gimme Brow — that has tiny, little micro fibres that mimic the look of real hair. This will bring your brows to life and give them that 3D effect." Similarly, if you want to straighten your brows, as per the K-beauty trend, you can also fill product into your arch to soften its appearance. 

5. Your brows don't have to match your hair colour
According to Bailey, it all depends on the look that you want to achieve. If you want drama, you should look at the base tone or the lowlights in your hair and go a shade or two deeper. This will thicken up the brow and create a nice, dramatic frame for your eyes. If you want to have natural-looking brows, follow your hair's base tone as closely as possible. Tinting is an easy way to acheive a natural look. It picks up and dyes the fine, vellus hairs present in your brows, giving them a natural lift. If you want to have high-contrast brows like Gwen Stefani, you can, but Bailey says that it's an aspirational look that you have to carry through the whole way. 

6. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have the brows of the future
Looks like these actresses turned fashion superstars have even more going for them then ultra-cool clothes. When asked to name the best brows, Bailey said that the Olsen twins have brows that will be trending in the near future. While Cara Delevingne has 'power brows' that are oversized for her face, Mary-Kate and Ashley's brows have the thickness, minus the hard definition and are perfectly sized. "They have nailed it. Their brows are perfectly proportionate to their faces. And they're not over-groomed... there are no hard lines. It's about having fluid, natural brows that are the right shape for your face."

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