We review newly launched mascaras from Burberry, Shiseido, Marc Jacobs and more

We review newly launched mascaras from Burberry, Shiseido, Marc Jacobs and more

Mascara of the moment

Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @rowanblanchard

Staying on top of your mascara game isn't quite as easy as swiping (truth on all counts). It can't be too thick, clumpy, or melt in our climate. Tall order, we know, but that hasn't stopped beauty brands from constantly pushing innovative formulas to the market, promising to lengthen, volumise, and define your lashes.

Short of hitting up Sephora to sample them all for yourself (gross) or blowing an inordinate sum on the latest releases (go forth, should your bank balance not protest), the Buro. beauty team has done the work for you by giving said formulas a test-drive. Below, our verdict: from ones we'll gladly splash the cash on to the others that are more of a one-and-done situation. Lashes, at attention.

Burberry Beauty Ultra Black Cat Lashes Mascara
Now available in a super pigmented black that defines lash lines with ease, the Burberry Cat Lashes Mascara delivers on volume and length with just a few pumps of the wand. Bonus: the weightless, non-clumping formula minimised smudging throughout the day.


Shiseido ControlledChaos MascaraInk
This dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested formula claims to be clump-, flake-, and smudge-free for up to 24 hours. Ok, the statement is a little bit of a stretch — fading occurs somewhere after 10 hours, when tested — but it does stay on through vigorous eye-rubbing and relentless humidity. The inclusion of hues such as sapphire, violet and emerald is appreciated, too.


Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D
The days of using multiple mascaras to fulfill your numerous needs — lengthening, volumising, curling and defining — is supposedly made obsolete with Clarins' latest offering. This all-in-one does deliver on certain demands such as lengthening and volumising but does, however, fall flat in terms of longetivity. Suggestion: use on days spent tottering around the various air-conditioned malls (and walk-ways) of Orchard Road.


Marc Jacobs Velvet Duo
Comprising a Velvet Primer and Velvet Noir Mascara, this duo is said to give longer, fuller and more dramatic lashes that stays on all day. While it does live up to its promises, the Velvet Primer's beige formula did throw us off a little. So make sure you coat the Velvet Noir Mascara over it thoroughly, lest you enjoy nude coloured flutters.


Sisley So Volume Mascara
A mascara that goes beyond the usual spiel of volumising, lengthening, and curling, this bad boy from Sisley also claims to build stronger, more resistant lashes upon repeated applications. And while lashes did feel a teensy bit sturdier than before, said formula doesn't survive through a Queer Eye induced cry-fest. Expect mascara tracks 'errywhere.