Tried-and-tested mascaras that are waterproof, budge-proof, and more: Marc Jacobs Beauty, Kate Tokyo...

Tried-and-tested mascaras that are waterproof, budge-proof, and more: Marc Jacobs Beauty, Kate Tokyo...

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @marcjacobsbeauty

It dawned on me that for all the interviews I've conducted, I've never once asked myself: what are the three makeup products I can't live without? That is, my ride-or-die line-up; my desert-island essentials; the products that would send me into severe mourning should there be the remote likelihood of discontinuation. As I pondered this, it also occurred to me that my answer would have varied drastically at different points of my life. The one product that remains a constant? Mascara.

I discovered mascara several semesters into my time at Temasek Polytechnic, a fresh-faced 17-year-old unprepared for the crush of deadlines, all-nighters, and debilitating group projects. It was then I realised I didn't really need eight hours of sleep — not when I could fake bright, doe-eyed peepers with the swipe of a wand (ha). There's a lot to be said about my naivety as a teenager, but I digress.

Tried-and-tested mascaras that are waterproof, budge-proof, and more: Marc Jacobs Beauty, Kate Tokyo... (фото 1)

All in all, this translated to my utilising of a bevy of mascaras over the years, further bolstered by my career in the beauty industry. So, yes, I suppose it's fair to call me an authority on mascara — and for me to share my go-to picks for every occasion. Much like how one swaps shoes to suit their itinerary of the day, as do I for mascara. From the gym to Mookata meals, here are the first-class formulas I employ.

For insane length and volume: Marc Jacobs At Lash'd Lengthening and Curling Mascara

A recent discovery, it's safe to say that I've fallen head over heels with this extreme lengthening mascara. Insanely buildable formula aside, it stays on for an inordinate amount of time; doesn't clump; and fans out my lashes so spectacularly that I look perpetually awake despite my erratic sleep schedule. On good days, it lasts me a cool eight hours before exhibiting signs of smudging — i.e. perfect for work days.

Its wavy-bristled wand is a breeze to use, too, coating upper lashes evenly and lower ones generously. For that matter, I'd recommend tilting the wand and using careful, vertical swipes when working on the lower lashes to prevent major panda eyes.

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For workouts: Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof Mascara

You're not going to get insanely lengthened and volumised lashes with this baby, but boy, is it a mascara that sticks. On the rare event where I'd like to look good for the gym, I slick this sucker onto my lashes. Its clung on through Ground Zero spin sessions, HIIT workouts, and even a vigorous jog through the rain at my favourite hiking trail. Heck, a meteor could crash through the earth's atmosphere, scorching everything on the surface, and my mascara would probably still be intact.

Its intense black pigment certainly helps matters when it comes to defining the eye area, but don't expect too much in terms of beautifully long, fluttery lashes. I noticed that it leaves lashes feeling a tad crunchy too, especially if you're layering on coat-after-coat in a bid to achieve said length + volume. But for how much it stays on, I'm willing to look past it.

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For steamboats, saunas, and other heat-inducing activities: Kate Tokyo The Lash Former Long

This Japanese drugstore pick has been through thick-and-thin with me. For optimal effects, pair it with the Kate Tokyo Kate Lash Maximizer N, a mascara base that gives lashes boosted curl durability. To start, comb the base formula through your lashes — and while it's still wet, grab the Lash Former Long and coat the pigment over it. This gives lengthened, curled lashes that prove surprisingly hardy in Singapore's humidity.

Be sure to thoroughly coat your primed lashes with mascara after, though, as the Lash Maximizer has a tendency to leave a white film should it not be concealed well. Its affordable price point also makes this a great pick for beginners looking to get their feet wet.

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