The most common mistakes you make while applying blush — and what you should be doing instead

The most common mistakes you make while applying blush — and what you should be doing instead

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Text: Jeway Tan

Editor: Emily Heng

Putting on blush might seem like one of the more straightforward steps with regard to makeup. Nailing the perfect cat eye? Challenging. Putting on false lashes? No easy feat, especially for us mere mortals. But dusting on a sprinkling of pigment? Hardly complicated — or so it seems. As it turns out, there are several missteps you can commit, many of which could lead to contracting dire consequences. We're talking a sunburned-looking complexion or, uh, even drawing comparisions to a baboon's butt. Eep. Whether you're a practiced beauty buff or a novice, we entreat you guys to run through the list to ensure you're not committing either one of these deadly blush blunders. Trust us, the integrity of your beloved moneymaker depends on it.

Mistake 1: Using the wrong shade

Finding the right shade takes time and patience. Just because the colour looks pretty in the pain doesn't necessarily make it your shade. Shimmery blushes tend to accentuate blemishes and make them appear more prominent than ever. Bright pinks and red shades, on the other hand, can make you look as if you've contracted a sunburn.

What to do instead: To choose the right blush, first pinch your cheeks and observe the hue it turns. Then, look for a shade that best mimics your natural flush. Generally, pale pink, lighter coral, and peach shades blend better for pale to medium skin tones, while darker coral, berry and red shades blend better for darker complexions.


Mistake 2: Using the wrong type of blush for your skin type

As with your base makeup, the formula you opt for matters. Those with dry, parched skin should try a stain or cream. For oily skin, give powder formulas a go instead. Mixing different textures can also lead to boo-boos, where powder products don't blend well over liquid products and vice versa. In short: the reason why you're sporting caking, flaky blush might be due to the fact that you've paired it with a foundation that doesn't play well with it. Enlightement, alright.

What to do instead: If you have already powdered your face, avoid cream or liquid blushes. Instead, opt for a powder blush. If you have not powdered your face, however, you can do a cream or stain variant instead.


Mistake 3: Applying your blush on the wrong spots

As with the cardinal rule of sunglass-wearing, your face shape determines where you should apply your blush. Dabbing them on your cheekbones and hoping for the best is a straight road to looking like a mime.

What to do instead: For oval-shaped faces, apply bit to the apples of your cheeks and swipe it up to your temples. This will give a more natural look. Those with round visages should apply blush along the cheekbones to achieve a natural contour. This will create a slimming effect and add more definition. It is recommend that those with square-shaped faces focus their efforts on the apples of the cheeks as well to soften strong jawlines. Last but not least, those with heart-shaped miens should apply blush just under the apples of your cheeks.


Mistake 4: Using the wrong brush

Makeup brushes are designed for specific purposes. Opting for too-big brushes may fling the product to places you don't want it to go, while a tightly packed, dense brush may pick up too much product and overload your visage with colour.

What to do instead: Not to state the obvious, but pick a brush that is made for applying blush. If the brush of choice doesn't indicate what it should be used for, we recommend picking a loose brush that is just a tad smaller than typical powder brush options.


Mistake 5: Not blending out your efforts thoroughly

Hello, streaky and patchy makeup. Ugh.

What to do instead: Be sure to take your time to blend out your blush. Remember: it should look like you're radiating the colour from within and reflect your natural flush. For powder blushes, blend it out with a brush and using soft circular movements. For cream blushes, use a blending sponge or your fingers to pat at it gently.