The Face Shop Vdivov review: We rate the lipsticks, cushions, and concealers from this professional makeup range

The Face Shop Vdivov review: We rate the lipsticks, cushions, and concealers from this professional makeup range

Testing one, two, three...

Text: Emily Heng

Professional makeup is a term we've heard loads in recent times. Designed specifically to be used by makeup artists, these bad boys often prove to be long-wearing, durable, and more high-coverage than their commercial counterparts. And while previously thought to be inaccessible to the common (wo)man, it is a tide slowly turning within the beauty sphere. After all, this past year alone has seen the arrival of pro K-Beauty brands such as Chosungah 22, Pony Effect, and Jungsaemmool Beauty on our shores, the latest of which is The Face Shop's all-new cosmetic import, Vdivov.

Priding itself on a versatile selection that allows for makeup looks of all "preferences and perspectives of beauty", Vdivov (pronounced vee-dee-vov) lines up standout formulations in the form of highly pigmented lippies, full-coverage base products, and budge-proof liners. Or so they say. With curiosity (and a side of skepticism), we set out to try their star products to verify their sky-high claims, ranking them from splash-cash worthy to, uh, not. We spill it all, below.

Vdivov Double Stay Concealer

The first of the lot to pique our interest is this double-sided, multi-functional concealer. One end bears a stick formula, the other is a creamy liquid. Our attempt with the latter reveals a long-wearing and insanely high-coverage concealer that hides even the most discernable of imperfections (we're talking superficial burns here, guys) effortlessly, smoothing over skin and staying for hours. It's pigment-packed, so a little goes a long way. Translation: don't get too heavy-handed during application. The stick variation is a worthy contender as well, simultaneously concealing and brightening dark eye circles while minimising the appearance of angry, cystic zits.

Splash-cash meter: 9.5/10

Vdivov Lip Cut Rouge Velvet

We didn't bat an eyelash when we found out this lippie has already attained critically acclaimed status within the beauty community. Deftly avoiding the pitfalls commonly found with matte lipsticks, Lip Cut Rouge Velvet most certainly lives up to its claim of bold, long-lasting colour without drying out puckers. Its velvety texture also melts onto lips thanks to moisturising marshmallow root extract, gliding on to smooth chapped, peeling kissers. Available in seven wearable shades of pink, reds, and corals, we can only hope that plans of expansion are underway.

Splash-cash meter: 8/10


Vdivov Lip Cut Fluid Velvet Love Signal

The perfect amalgamation of the Rouge Velvet and the Cut Shine Gloss (more on that later), this is a velvety-soft lippie that dries down to a semi-matte finish. Also included: super high-definition colour alongside super adhesion. Only thing, we find that puckers tend to flake and crack around the sixth hour or so. Eep. This is however, easily resolved by prepping lips with balm before, so we can't say we're too bothered.

Splash-cash meter: 8/10

Vdivov Lip Cut Shine Gloss

While the Rouge Velvet's glossy, high-shine sister doesn't deliver as much colour, it definitely makes up with blinding shimmer and pearl particles. Containing high percentages of the brand's very-own Lip Conditioning Oil Serum, you can also rest easy knowing that drying, cracking, and peeling is pretty much off the table with this winner. Our only gripe: its thick texture can feel sticky and heavy as the hours go by, so be sure to apply sparingly.

Splash-cash meter: 7/10


Vdivov Double Stay Cushion

There's nothing particularly revolutionary about Vdivov's cushion at first glance. Much like the barrage of other cushions in the market, it promises seamless coverage (naturally), a lightweight, second-skin like texture (but of course), as well as sun-protection in the form of SPF50+ (as expected). A week's worth of disciplined testing didn't prove our first impression wrong. Sure, coverage is a tad better than what we're used to of a typical cushion, but that's about as far as the pros go. It's not helped by the fact that fading begins sometime around the fifth hour or so; we spotted a cakey-like texture around the eighth. Pass.

Splash-cash meter: 2/10