The ABG phenomenon: Everything to know about the Asian Baby Girl look and its appeal

The ABG phenomenon: Everything to know about the Asian Baby Girl look and its appeal

Boba, anyone?

Text: Azrin Tan

Editor: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @ninaeyu
Image: Instagram | @michellechoii

So here's the deal with certain beauty looks: sometimes, they're extremely time-consuming and take too much effort. But perhaps an excess of time and energy is exactly what we have an abundance of in 2020, seeing how most of us have hit a record high for the number of days spent just...sitting alone in our rooms wondering what to do on the 57th day of April. And so, an endless flurry of quarantine makeup looks was borne from wildin' celebrities and TikTok E-girls alike. The latest addition to the list? The Asian Baby Girl.


So, who is the ABG?

Remember the (harmful) and age-old stereotype of Asians being math nerds in the vein of Kevin Gnapoor from Mean Girls? Well, take everything you know about that and turn it on its head. The Asian Baby girl is, well, first and foremost, Asian. She's a bubble-tea lover and is typically known to love partying. In pre-COVID-19 times, you'd catch her in a black bandeau at every rave. Sometimes tattoo-ed, and yes, in the most intimidating way possible because you don't actually want to mess with her. And she's an unapologetic beauty with the brains to beat at that. Sounds oddly specific, but we trust that a scroll through your Instagram following list might just reveal an ABG in your midst.

As with most clichés, though, the ABG does come with negative connotations as well. Hearing "She's an ABG" from a condescending male counterpart probably doesn't bode well for the lady; a distinct possibility they're referring to her flirtatious and heavy party girl nature that's on the opposing grain of what a 'good' and 'modest' Asian female 'should be'. *Commence eye-roll*. Perhaps that, in itself, is what makes this style so popular amongst YouTubers and TikTok gals alike — a middle finger, of sorts, to the decrepit beauty standards and notions that so heavily weighed down the community.


What does the ABG beauty look entail?

We've been seeing more and more YouTubers making the 'ABG transformation' but what exactly does this rising beauty look comprise? You're going to have to unleash it all — from heavy foundation to eye-makeup galore. Not only has she got her eyeliner on fleek but her lash extensions are to die for. Topping it off with a shimmery and sometimes smokey eyeshadow, the ABG knows just how to beat her face to turn heads at parties. Oh, and she's probably also sporting some coffin nails, hoops, a head of dyed hair and real (or fake) tattoos for the full effect.


What should be in your ABG transformation kit?

The transformative road to turning yourself into an ABG may be a long, arduous, and eye-opening in equal measure. So here's a couple of beauty items you just need to complete the transformation because really, who needs a reason to want to feel like a goddess?