Sculpting makeup that makes contouring easier

Sculpting makeup that makes contouring easier

Light and shade

Text: Renée Batchelor

Want to try contouring but don't want it to turn into an involved process? Try these simple sculpting tools

Contouring has kind of gotten a bad reputation thanks to certain reality stars and the sometimes ridiulously complicated videos on YouTube. Who has the time and energy to buy multiple products and use them all over the face on a daily basis? But if you'd like a little help when it comes to slimming and sculpting your face, makeup brands have come up with easy solutions and user-friendly products.

Make Up For Ever has a new Pro Sculpting Duo that comes in two shades. Pink Beige is for fair to medium skin while Golden Duo is for darker skin. How to use this gel powder? You'll need a good blending brush. The brand recommends their Brush #150. Apply the lighter shade on the brow bones, cheekbones, nose bridge and Cupid's bow (above your upper lip) using the flat part of the brush.

How to sculpt

Next, use the bevelled side of the brush to apply the darker powder to the temples, cheek hollows, jawline, sides of the nose and the eyelid crease. Make sure you do the final step of blending all of this product together with the flat side of the brush, for a smooth and seamless finish. 

Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Duo in Pink Beige Duo and Golden Duo, $68 each

If the process of using a powder is too involved for you, try Burberry Beauty's Face Contour Pens. The Face Contour Pen come in two shades — medium and dark. These can be used on the eyelid crease to create more dramatic definition and along the cheekbones — just apply it in lines under the cheekbones and blend. Want to slim down your nose and jawline? Apply small lines along the side of the nose and under the jaw, and use a flat brush to blend it in for undetectable definition. Finish with foundation and a super light dusting of powder.

Check out the brand's super-handy video, with their makeup consultant Wendy Rowe below:

Burberry Beauty Face Contour Pens and Fresh Glow Pen

Finally there's Nudestix a new brand that is available in Sephora. The brand's Sculpting Pencil is a chubby, matte-cream pencil that has two shades — one on each end — that are ideal for highlighting and contouring. Pick from a Light/Medium or Medium/Deep shade. The best bit is that it comes with a sharpener and mirror in a neat tin box so you never lose or misplace your contouring supplies. 

Nudestix Sculpting Pencil in Light/Medium and Medium/Deep