Primer and foundation combos: How to match the two like a pro for a flawless, poreless complexion

Primer and foundation combos: How to match the two like a pro for a flawless, poreless complexion

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Text: Emily Heng

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If there's anything us skincare savants can agree on, it is that the battle for good skin is a life-long one. Constantly changing due to lifestyle, product or circumstantial-related decisions, our varying approaches to maintaining a healthy complexion is enough to keep us busy for years to come. In the meantime, however, we'll fake it 'til we make it with makeup. Case in point: primer-and-foundation duos to give us the smooth, poreless, and flawless skin of our dreams.

The key, of course, lies in picking out a complementary pair — aka a primer that stabilises and mixes well with your foundation. Flaking, caking and patchy makeup is the first sign that your foundation and primer picks are at odds, which is a common occurrence considering the sheer variety of products available in the market. Sidestep this by picking out a primer and foundation of the same type, i.e. an oil-based primer with an oil-based foundation. Just like how oil and water don't mix, an oil-based primer and a water-based foundation won't get along.

To get you on the right path, here's a comprehensive guide to the various primer types — because life's too short not to ace your makeup.

Silicone-based primers

Most primers in the market are typically of the silicone variant, typically with a gel- or cream-like consistency to help smooth out acne scars or blur pores while forming a protective barrier between environmental stressors and skin. Ideal for those with normal or mature skin.

Water-based primers

The lightweight, hydrating sister to silicone-types, water-based primers is a great choice for oily and combination skin types languishing in Singapore's climate. These oil-free formulations also mattify the skin, providing a shine-free complexion that allows makeup to cling on for hours on end. Sold.

Oil-based primers

As for dry, parched, and sensitive-skin types, a gentle oil-based primer might just do the trick. The latest in the market are non-greasy, quick-drying, and dispenses a warm, all-over glow to skin. Particularly suitable for cold-weather climates, we recommend popping one in your carry-on the next time you fly out.

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