Oscars 2020: Best celebrity hair, makeup, and nails from the red carpet

Oscars 2020: Best celebrity hair, makeup, and nails from the red carpet

Bragging rights

Text: Emily Heng

The 2020 Oscar nominations are full of surprises, to say the least. South Korean thriller, Parasite, became the first foreign-language film to be nominated for best motion picture; Frozen 2 was left out in the cold; while Greta Gerwig was passed on for the best director category. In light of such staggering twists and turns, it seemed only fitting that our favourite stars opted for classic, low-risk face paint for the oldest entertainment awards ceremony there is. Still, that's not to say there weren't any standouts amongst the pack. Below, the ones we'd like to induct into the Hollywood beauty hall of fame.

Celebrities sporting the best dewy, glowing complexion

Think skin so good, it appears airbrushed. No cakey, matte finish foundations in sight, but rather, sheer and natural options that highlight many a star's stellar complexion.

Celebrities sporting the best statement red lips

Not everyone's a winner, but those rocking a strong red lip sure can emanate the confidence of one.

Celebrities sporting a magnificent mane

Leave the drama and experimental fare to the VMAs. The Oscars is all about pretty, polished waves, dainty details, and donning your god-given 'do with pride. We're all for it.

Celebrities that surprised us... in a good way

And that's the beauty of the Oscars — just when you think you have it all figured out, a celebrity (or two) throws you for a loop.