Microblading in Singapore: What it is, what to expect, where to go, and more

Microblading in Singapore: What it is, what to expect, where to go, and more

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Text: Azrin Tan

Why forget to draw in your brows when you can just...not? And by that, we don't mean leaving leave those bare arches out in broad daylight — because even the best of us might not have the self-confidence for that. Instead, you might have heard of eyebrow embroidery, or to use a more technical term: microblading. The miracle-like procedure is considered a semi-permanent tattoo technique that is utilised to create the illusion of a more natural, fuller finish on brows.

Essentially? You're going to be saving all that time it takes for you to fill in those brows every single morning. Oh, and it's semi-permanent, which basically's not permanent. The results of microblading last for roughly up to 18 months but if you do get it and decide that you want out after, it can be reversed, no biggie. Still on the fence? Don't fret: we wouldn't be proposing this without giving you a proper rundown on it all. From what microblading actually entails to what to expect from the entire process — we uncover it all below.

What is microblading?

The technique — whilst seemingly complicated — is a relatively easy concept to grasp. Much like how a tattoo works, the process involves tools  — fine, disposable needles — that get beneath your skin layer in order to deposit pigment thus, giving the impression of realistic and natural hair strokes on your browline.

How is it different from a regular permanent eyebrow tattoo, you ask? The process of depositing pigment is the same, but the method and depth of the incision is what determines its permanence.  The needles in microblading are tiny and just barely scratch the surface, as compared to traditional tattoo types that might use machines for a deeper ink depository.

And so, we said this before but we'll say it again — microblading isn't permanent. You can expect the pigmentation to fade off after an estimate of about 12 to 18 months.

What is the microblading process like?

Need to know the deep dark secrets of the embroidery process? We don't blame you; this does after all have to do with your moneymaker's most prized possessions. Below, we take you through the entirety of it all, step-by-step.

1. Shaping & Preparation

Just as a regular brow threading session would go, the brow artist would have to clean up loose hairs and thread the hairs to find a good shape that is suited to your countenance (and to your liking). After all, even with its semi-permanence, if it's going to stick around for a year and a half, it's gonna have to land pretty close to your most desired outcome. Of course, your artist will also begin preparing your arches for the full treatment.

2. Numbing & Measuring

If you don't want it to hurt, this is it. A numbing cream will take you a long way into the process, and while the arches are being numbed, the artist will be able to use a curved ruler or measuring tools to help measure the exact area around the brows to get the technical symmetry right.

3. Needling

Here's the most important step of them all — and also the one that will take the longest. Line by line, the pigment will be stroked and implanted into your skin. There's usually not much need to worry about whether you'll have an allergic reaction but the brow artist should usually also conduct a patch test to make sure you're not allergic.

4. The Top-up

In about a month or so, you'll probably make your way back to your artist to get a touch up: this is primarily for those who'd like a slight amendment to their pigment hue or just for the artist to ensure your arches are set and ready to go (at least for the next year or so). This is also when your brows would begin to look more natural than when you'd first gotten them done so it'll be easier for you to make a judgment call.

What is the recovery process like?

Don't get it wet or sweaty, apply the prescribed ointment or medication if you need one, and strictly no picking of scabs! The experts say to avoid applying your regular skincare altogether too.

So, where should I go?

You don't need to ask us twice. Below, we recommend a couple of brow salons to consider if you're thinking of booking your first consultation and leading the #wokeuplikethis life.

Jo Artysan

A considerably small studio, Jo Artysan offers a private and intimate space as your artist ensures the best personalised service is provided to you. Appointments must be booked beforehand in order to get a spot.

Find out more here.


You'll find yourself in the hands of the professionals over here. Rather than mere microblading, Erabelle offers their specialty technique — the Erabelle Soft Shading Embroidery — that layers mineral and organic micro-pigments. The complete process ensures that you'll be satisfied with your results, especially with the use of their precise and consistent micropen.

Find out more here.


You've probably heard of this one. And rightfully so, considering their Brow Resurrection that's offering more than just regular microblading — using their advanced techniques for a finer finish that creates a more natural look. The numbers don't lie here, as it's definitely one of the more well-known brow houses worldwide.

Find out more here.

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