ICYMI: 5 artistry tips from our NARS Afterglow Collection x Buro. Hangouts masterclass

ICYMI: 5 artistry tips from our NARS Afterglow Collection x Buro. Hangouts masterclass

You asked, we answered

Illustrator: Guan Tan

Producer: Alexander Wang

Welcome to the world of Covid-19: an unprecedented universe where socially-responsible human beings stay home all day (effectively redefining the terms 'bumming around at home' and 'couch potato'). Now, people hang out and dine alone, practice perfect personal hygiene, and mysteriously fly into irrational panic-buying phases.

Covid-19 has also taught us a thing or two about throwing great events and parties.... albeit we, Buro., were already pretty awesome at that. (Have you seen our Buro. Beach Club from last year?) So, while we were stuck behind our screens, we dreamt up Buro. Hangouts –– weekly virtual parties on Saturdays, spanning beauty, fashion, fitness, wellness, and culture.

Then, our beauty brains convened and hatched the wildest beauty dream: an online makeup masterclass with an actual makeup artist and a couple dozen other beauty fans. We'd have the latest products mailed to our readers' doorsteps (pop a ring light in there) too.

Which makeup brand? The answer was easy: NARS. We dropped them a million calls and are now proud to announce: NARS x Buro. Hangouts happened last Saturday, 11 April 2020.

We'll cut to the chase. Here's what went down:

Launched little over a month ago in Singapore, the NARS Afterglow collection came as an improvisation and extension to the Afterglow lip balms which launched last year. More pigmented shades for existing lip balms aside, the brand launched an eyeshadow palette, a cheek palette, and six new lip balm shades, and a cushion foundation compact case.

This virtual makeup masterclass featured key products from this spanking new range, namely the cheek palette, lip balm, along with an artistry blush brush, and the beloved NARS Tinted Glow Booster –– also what 10 of our readers received in their mail three days before the masterclass.  In case you tried to do the math, that's a grand total of S$258. Ka-ching!

NARS' very own local assistant training manager, Julyen Loo (also @madmakeupmaven), took us through a step-by-step tutorial of the Afterglow collection. Guess what, the collection happens to be one of Loo's favourites too. "I love the versatility of the Overlust Cheek Palette that goes with every look. Not forgetting the Afterglow Lip Balm, perfect companion to harmonize the makeup look," he chimes in.

Here are five key artistry tips that Loo shared for a perfectly sculpted cheek fit for all those Google Hangouts and Zoom meetings:

1. First, glow up

Using any highlighter of choice or NARS' Tinted Glow Booster, you'd want to first paint yourself a natural, glowing and radiant complexion (to fool anyone that you've been sleeping and waking early). If you're using the Tinted Glow Booster, "you can use it in three different ways –– as a primer [for] it enhances makeup wear up to 16 hours. You can mix it with your favourite foundation. You can use it after applying your foundation –– to the elevated points on your face," quips Loo.

Model Rita using NARS' Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder at the NARS x Buro. Hangouts on 11 April 2020.

The Tinted Glow Booster comes in four different shades. Choose the one closest to your skin tone or complexion shade. Afterwards, set your glow with a large brush and some NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder (pictured above, or any lightweight setting powder of choice).

2. Shine control

What looks like an impeccable glow to you in the mirror may be lost in translation through any laptop's dingy camera. Loo's advice for all of your virtual meetings? Tune in to your laptop's camera beforehand for a shine control check: powder down the halos of shine, say the forehead and T-zone, so you'll always look radiant and fresh.

3. Hug your cheeks

The limited edition NARS Overlust Cheek Palette comes with six pans – three gel-to-powder highlighter on top, and three powder blushes at the bottom.

Now, pick up a NARS Overlust Cheek Palette. The limited edition six-pan palette is split into two major departments –– the top row boasts highlighters in gel-to-powder formulas, namely, Tied Up, Deep Down, and Drift, while the bottom features powder blushes, Let It Burn, Get Lost, and Body Talk.

For a perfectly sculpted cheek, begin by picking up the warm blush, Body Talk, with a large brush. You'll want to apply it underneath your cheek bone like how you would work a bronzer. "The trick about contouring is to never go too close to your mouth. Use the middle of your eye as a gauge. Your blush, contour, and highlight should not exceed this point," Loo adds.

NARS makeup trainer, Julyen Loo, uses a pencil to demarcate a line down the centre of his eye.

Got it? Here's a summary: the highest point of your cheeks are reserved for the highlighters. Underneath the cheek bones –– go for the warmer shades of blush. Finally, the lighter shades of blush goes to the apple of the cheeks for a natural looking flush, which brings us to...

4. A rosy flush

Still on the NARS Overlust Palette –– with a brush, pick up the rosy blush named Let It Burn. Give yourself a beautiful smile to show the apples of your cheek and that's where your blush goes. "You can pop this on and head out for a quick grocery run," Loo laughs. Well, you never know when and where you'll run into a work acquaintance or colleague.

5. Finally, highlight again

Pick up the highlighter, Tied Up, with a dense brush or with your fingers (for your body heat will warm up the formula nicely). Stamp it gently and diagonally along the highest points of your cheek, upwards through the external curve of your eye socket to the highest point of your brow bone –– essentially creating a beautiful C-shaped halo framing your face.

For those of you who find that highlighters tend to shift and run all over the face, you can opt to set it with a light dust of fine setting powder (and a very soft brush). And there, you're ready for your Zoom call.

Julyen Loo aka @madmakeupmaven aside, we were joined by the beauty guru, Sophia (@makeup_blogette), along with some of our favourite Instagram girls in town –– Amanda Chaang (@amanadachaang), Brie Benfell (@briebenfell), and Hashy Yusof (@hashyyusof).

Shout out to all you beautiful Buro. beauty readers who joined us too!