How to waterproof your makeup: Best tips, tricks, and products to utilise, according to beauty pros

How to waterproof your makeup: Best tips, tricks, and products to utilise, according to beauty pros

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Text: Emily Heng

As most of you would know, 2021 commenced with a big splash — literally. We were greeted with a downpour on the first day of the new year; an unrelenting torrent of wind and water that resulted in flooded parks and small-scale landslides. And while it's a welcome change as any (21.3 degree Celsius weather, anyone?), it does put a dampener on 'em extravagant makeup plans. Or, perhaps not. We have, after all, successfully overcome the challenges of sporting a full face of makeup with a mask, so who's to let a little water stop us? To that end, we've scoured the Internet to find out just how to maintain our snatched miens in this inclement weather. Here's what you'll need beyond a sturdy umbrella.

Layer your eye makeup

Keep those wings intact by going over it with a cream shadow in the same hue. This helps set it, and also provides an extra barrier against errant water droplets looking to smudge your efforts. Same goes for mascara — if you aren't already using a waterproof formula, slick on a coat (or two!) after your go-to lengthening/volumising one.


Invest in a tint

To save space in your makeup purse, source for one that works for both your lips and cheeks. Seeing how these bad boys are literally designed to stain your visage, it's guaranteed to have a lot more staying power as compared to typical cream or powder formulas. I, Beauty Editor Emily Heng, personally swear by the Peripera tints that are conveniently available in a wide variety of hues.


Skip out on the heavy cream-type moisturisers

Gel-types are your best bet so your efforts aren't literally melting off your face once the rain hits. Avoid thicker, richer formulations as well, whether that constitutes the eye cream you swipe on before heading out or SPF.


Add a setting powder and spray to your arsenal

Granted, it's likely you already have these on hand seeing how they, too, ensure makeup longevity in the heat. For extra insurance, set and spritz once after foundation application, and reach for your setting spray once more after you've finished with the rest of your makeup.


Get a dedicated product that turns your makeup waterproof

Seriously, it exists. This innovation by Make Up For Ever can be applied to products of all textures, where it forms a protective layer that repels H2O once applied. Simply do your makeup as you would, squeeze a few drops of this miracle solution onto a brush, and run it over all made-up areas.


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