How to use lip gloss on your entire face — lips, eyelids, brow bone and cheeks

How to use lip gloss on your entire face — lips, eyelids, brow bone and cheeks

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Text: Emily Heng

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Glosses may have fallen under the radar since Lil' Kim waxed lyrical about them in 2007, but make no mistake, they're back with a vengeance in 2019 — this time, with a twist. No longer constrained to your puckers, they now grace lids, cheeks, and even brow bones to add dimension and shine everywhere.


This, however, does bring forth the question: where are the best spots along your face to sport said glosses? And how can you apply them without any visible creasing and or dissolving in Singapore's relentless heat? Below, all the answers you need answered before acing the trend taking over your Instagram feed; one swipe of a wand at a time.

1. Along your brow bone
Utilise your gloss just as you would your highlighter and place a hint of it close to the tail-end of your brow. This gives a 3D effect to your complexion while creating shape and definition to messy, all-over-the-place arches. Just remember: when in doubt, less is more. If you have a bad case of butterfingers, we recommend using your pinky and/or an angular brush with a sharp, precise tip.


2. On eyelids
Spotted on the runway and our favourite celebrities alike, glossed-up lids serve up a high-impact makeup look that doesn't appear overly done. One of our biggest concerns, however, is the formula slipping and sliding after an accidental eye-rub. According to Katie Jane Hughes, makeup artist and advocate for glossy shadows, it is best just to go with it. "The truth is," Hughes explains, "a dishevelled-looking gloss can be quite beautiful, as it takes on a shape of its own on every face. Just make sure your skin and the rest of your makeup looks elegant." Or, failing that, a swipe of strong-hold eyeshadow primer should do the trick.



3. On the inner corners of peepers
Much like your favourite shimmers and glitters, add a teensy bit of gloss on inner corners to look a kind of wide-awake that no amount of caffeine and cat naps can replicate. To prevent it from transferring to your nose, use waterproof mascara. The gloss might mix with the lashes otherwise and cause smudging, so put the most budge-proof formula in your stash to this test.



4. On cheeks
Don't just go straight for the apples — heavy-handed application could spell disaster and earn several (accurate) comparisons to a disco ball. Instead, graze it along the cheekbones to make them pop like nothing.



5. On lips
Why mess with a classic, right? Layer complementary gloss shades over one another to add extra dimension to kissers.


Feeling a little apprehensive as to where to begin? We recommend skipping the multiple pot shadows and lip formulas for a product that is made specifically to shine on your entire face. Our pick: the Nars Multi-Use Gloss.

The creamy formula positively glides onto skin and the vitamin E and coconut oil in the gloss means that you can add a little fun and hydration to your areas of interest. Available in five shades from soft rose golds to shimmering pewter to suit all moods — and looks.


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