How to remove your eyelash extensions safely at home: Tips, tricks, and techniques to know

How to remove your eyelash extensions safely at home: Tips, tricks, and techniques to know

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @jayden_fa
Image: Instagram | @solovyeva.polina

Good news: you'll be able to get all your mane needs sorted come 1 June. On a less-than-pleasant note, however, it seems this courtesy doesn't extend to the rest of your beautification routine — that is, your microblading, hair removal, or lash extension services. The latter, in particular, seems to be causing undue distress to many members of the beauty sphere. Unlike brow or body hair, eyelashes that have undergone extensions require careful maintenance to ensure natural lash growth and full, even flutters without bald spots; a challenge indeed considering we've been getting by without professional help for two months. Still, should those straggling, leftover lashes be bugging you incessantly, here's what you can do to remove them safely.

#1. Whatever you do, don't pluck them off

You might just yank your natural lashes out too, since extensions are typically applied on a strand-by-strand basis. This essentially sets you back for months on end considering you can't get extensions unless there's, uh, something to elongate. Hands off, folks.


#2. Use an oil-based cleanser

Are you loading up on the mascara now to conceal bald, uneven spots? Be sure to clean that off — and your visage — with an oil-based makeup remover. This is because oil is the only thing that can compromise the integrity of industrial-strength lash glue. Massage it into your face and along the lids in slow, careful motions. It's not an instantaneous fix, though you'll probably observe that loose strands fall out more easily than before.


#3. Take hot, steamy showers

Ditto. As with oil, heat plays its part in loosening those extensions, too. Soaking them might just encourage stubborn clingers to cut loose.


#4. Apply castor oil to lashes

Not only will this break down the adhesive bond (see #2), but it will also help strengthen your natural lashes again. This, in turn, should boost their growth. The consensus amongst hair professionals is that they are the best option seeing how it forms a protective coating over the hair shaft itself to literally thicken and enhance growth. Hey, plus it's wildly affordable.


#5. If all else fails, try a professional-grade lash glue dissolver

Yes, they exist. To use, simply soak a cotton pad with the remover and apply it directly atop the extension lash. Be sure to keep it from getting into your eyes as it could cause irritation. It should fall out naturally with time.