How to look your best after a breakup

How to look your best after a breakup

Makeup to break up

Text: Renée Batchelor

Need a hair or makeup refresh in 2017? Take a cue from these women, who all underwent subtle but stunning transformations post-divorce

Can anything good come from a breakup or worse, divorce? Surprisingly, besides better emotional health, a new beauty look might be something you gain from a traumatic split. Want inspiration even if you're happily paired up or fabulously single? Follow these tips from these famous divorcees who seemed to follow the old adage — if you can't kill them with kindness let beauty be your weapon of choice.

It sounds simple enough, but when Reese Witherspoon stepped out at The Golden Globes ten years ago after her split from husband Ryan Phillipe, not only was she super trim, she looked ten years younger. Her canary yellow dress played a part, but so did her bangs and fresh layers. If you're ready to make the chop, we would advise shelling out for an experienced stylist, or one who comes highly recommended. The last thing you need is a hack job that will send you into a downward spiral.

Reese Witherspoon

Resist the urge to treat facepaint like warpaint and try soft, natural tones that complement your features. When Jennifer Garner had to face the unforgiving press for her movie Miracles from Heaven after her high-profile split from Ben Affleck, she bore it with grace and a dazzling smile. Groomed brows, adequate, but not caked-on concealer and a dose of blusher will make you look sunnier and more lively than you're probably feeling.

Jennifer Garner
Drew Barrymore's split from art consultant husband Will Kopelman was finalised last year, but she has been keeping a pretty low profile. At the Golden Globes, she stepped out in sensuous waves and fluttering falsies — an open declaration that she was back. 

Drew Barrymore

Wendi Deng's shock split from former husband Rupert Murdoch in 2014, might have been shrouded in whispers of infidelity, but she's not letting things get to her. Known for being well-connected, Deng is reportedly seeing a man half her age, but has not given it to the need to look too youthful. With elegant hair and flattering makeup, she's proof that not giving in to trends that don't suit you is the best way to stay ahead of the game.

Wendi Deng