How to apply, wear, and care for false eyelashes: The best hacks, tips, and tricks to try in Singapore

How to apply, wear, and care for false eyelashes: The best hacks, tips, and tricks to try in Singapore

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There's no doubt that the mascaras of today can help your lashes achieve great heights — literally. Thanks to a bounty of formidable formulations, stupendously lengthened and volumised lashes are simply a flick of a wand away. Still, we'll admit that there are limitations to this potent potion. When it comes to glamourous, gravity-defying flutters, for instance, false eyelashes prove a more reliable (and realistic) solution. Sure, getting up close and personal with glue might not be the most calming of experiences, but rest knowing we're here to help so you can stick 'em suckers on with a steady hand.

How to wear

This might prove shocking to new initiates, but false eyelashes are not one-size-fits-all. The first step when it comes to falsies — whether they are of the strip or individual variation — is to trim off any excess length and volume so they are suited to your eye shape. Using a pair of small scissors, carefully trim away until you've achieved your desired look.

Once that's done, apply a thin coat of lash glue along the base. This next part is important: wait 30 seconds to let it dry slightly before attaching them to your lash lines. One side at a time, please. For easy application, place a mirror under your face at a perpendicular angle and look down. This extends your eyelids, thus allowing you to better see where to place your falsies. First-timers, try a quick flick of liner along the lid to blend the lash band to the natural lash line.

How to care

Depending on the type of lashes you opt for, falsies can be reused anywhere from five to 20 times. To keep them in tip-top shape, clean the band regularly with a cotton bud soaked in makeup remover or micellar water. It should also be noted that applying mascara on false eyelashes can shorten their lifespan greatly, as the intense clean-up could cause breakage.

How to remove

The sacred rule of falsie removal? Be gentle. Pinch at the edge of the lash, and slowly peel away from the eyelid.

What to try

If you're new to the scene, good on you — because the false eyelash market is now teeming with one-of-a-kinds. We gather the most standout of the lot for your perusal.

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