How to get bigger, brighter eyes instantly

How to get bigger, brighter eyes instantly

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Text: Angelyn Kwek Renée Batchelor

Want peepers that are big, well-defined and beautiful? Here are three semi-permanent methods to enhance the windows to your soul

If you're the kind who fusses with your eye makeup each morning, semi-permanent procedures might be the time-savers you need in your life. A little time spent in the salon chair, can shave minutes off your routine each morning. False lashes, eye-defining contacts and even semi-permanent eyeliner don't have to look tacky, fake and obvious. With refined products and services, they can be great, subtle enhancements. Team Buro puts two of these to the test. Disclaimer: We have yet to try semi-permanent eyeliner, but wanted to include it in as another great option for you.

Cosmetic lenses
Alright, this one's kind of an open secret. Even your favourite K-drama celebs have sported iris-enhancing contacts a time or two to get that sparkling, doe-eyed look. But if you haven't tried a pair till now due to an aversion to popping foreign material into your eyes — or you're just simply blessed with 20/20 vision – you can put those fears to bed with the new Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Grace Daily contact lenses. What's different about them is that its disposable nature means you don't ever have to sacrifice the health of your eyes for beauty. They're also developed with improved technology for a high moisture factor, and as a long-time wearer of corrective lenses and having put them to the test; I can definitively say a higher water content (anywhere from 55 per cent and up) is what you want to look out for. More water content means your contacts are more oxygen-permeable, which means your eyes don't dry out and get irritated at the end of the day.

Additionally, the Lacelle Grace Dailies feature a thin and tapered rim to provide more comfort during wear by reducing the friction between the lens and your eyelids during blinking. And no crazy colours here; they come in Crystal Brown, Twinkle Brown and Sparkling Black in a intricate lens design to mimic real irises for a natural look. They look like your eyes, only better.
Available at all leading optometrists from end September, $60 per box of 30 pieces

Bausch Lacelle

Mascara eyelash extension
We admit that semi-permanent faux lashes were not high on our list of things we wanted to try. The reason? It often looks very unnatural, and we've seen many a bad, tacky example in our line. We headed to Qween on Level 4 of Tangs and were relieved to see there was a natural option for people who did not want that full-on, faux fringe look, but still wanted a bit of pop. Called the Strand-by-Strand Mascara Eyelash Extension, it gives you the effect you would get after wearing your dream mascara — lashes that are thicker, longer and curled perfectly. But permanently.

The process of putting on the lashes took about 60 minutes for us, and at times we felt slightly uncomfortable, as the therapist needs to use stickers to separate your upper and lower lashline for more precise application. Still it was not a painful experience, and once the lashes were on, we could not feel them at all. Since they're applied strand by strand, they are quite weightless. After two weeks, most of our lashes are still on. If you are careful with washing your face and the application and removal of makeup — you can't apply mascara nor rub your eyes too hard, this enhancement can last up to six weeks. Qween recommends coming in to remove the remaining lashes (if there's anything left) after this six-week period as it's not advisable to keep the lash glue on for too long. These lashes also got us loads of compliments. Because they define the lash line as well, it's looks like you're wearing mascara and eyeliner 24/7, so you wake up looking much brighter-eyed and fresher-faced than normal. You can rush out of the house bare-faced, and with just some concealer, brows and lips, you'll look done. Most admirers praised the natural effect of the lashes and a few people asked where we had ours done, looking to try this service out for themselves.
$138 for 60 minutes. Level 4, Tangs at Tang Plaza

Semi-permanent eyeliner
Think of this as the lazy girl method to your eyeliner routine, plus it's a godsend if you're completely pants at drawing the perfect flick and balancing out your liner between both eyes. A unique beauty solution from the brow specialists at Browhaus, the Big Eye Eye Define Treatment does exactly as the header of this paragraph implies, inking eyeliner on your lashline for an effect that's not unlike their Brow Resurrection. Before you freak out at the idea of a semi-permanent tattoo going onto the sensitive eye region, the treatment is completely safe and non-allergenic as it uses 100 per cent vegetable dyes and sterilised tools fresh from the pack. Also, only Browhaus' trained experts who have at least two years of experience under their belt are the ones who administer the service.

The end result is the appearance of rounder, bigger eyes as the treatment draws a slightly thicker line in the middle of the lid to dramatically frame the eye, with each specialist tailoring the liner to best suit your eye shape. Meant to last three to five years, the ink will gently fade over time, looking softer and more natural the longer you have them.
At all Browhaus outlets, $856.00 for a single session (upper eyeline), and $107.00 for a Tune Up (maintenance for each eyeline)

Browhaus eyeliner