Fast face: Makeup that's quick and easy to apply

Fast face: Makeup that's quick and easy to apply

Need for speed

Text: Renée Batchelor

With F1 round the corner, here are the quick and easy products that will get your face done in three minutes flat

There are times in your life, when you need to look good fast. Whether it's in a cab on the way to a meeting or an Uber on the way to an event. We all have our mini races in life, and most of them are not done on an F1 track. What you need are portable, easy-to-use and high-impact products that make a difference on your face... fast. Here are our tips for getting your makeup done quicker than you can say, "How fast was that lap again?"

The easiest way to get your complexion going when you're on-the-go? Use your fingers and look for products in stick formats. If you're worried about hygiene, start with a wet wipe to clean your fingers. We like using Clé de Peau Beauté's Radiant Stick Foundation on the face. Apply it in circular motions and blend, blend, blend. Need to touch up on certain areas of the face? Use a stick concealer for those pesky red spots, scars and marks that won't go away. Dab on top of these spots and blend with your fingers in a tapping motion — don't rub or you'll remove the coverage. For stick concealers, we like Esprique's Fit Up Concealer UV as it doesn't budge once it's on and comes in a sleek, slim tube.

Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Stick Foundation

While a liquid or cream blush can also work, we like a powder blush when we're in a hurry, as it is the quickest to apply. Go for a peach blush or one with orange undertones if you want to look livelier. Sweep your brush over the blush and tap off the excess before applying on cheek apples and up to the cheekbones. Applied too much? If you're in a rush, just dab away some with a tissue. Benefit's Box O' Powders works for us as it has quite a substantial brush head — not the rubbish, mini ones that many blushers come with —so your cheeks can be done in under ten seconds without looking too streaky.

Benefit GALifornia, $51

Here's why we sing the praises of a mini mascara. Because of its small size, it fits easily into your makeup pouch and can even fit into your pockets. Because it's so tiny, it's actually very easy to control and use — though you'll have to coat it on lash by lash rather than the way you normally would apply mascara. This ensures that each lash is well coated from root to tip for a more knockout effect. Lastly, the small tube means that you will finish it faster, so the mascara inside doesn't dry up, and is always fresh when you uncap it. If you're the kind that doesn't go through your makeup quickly, it also saves money in the long run.

Ciaté London Mini Triple Shot Mascara, $18

If you have dry lips, start your makeup routine with balm and tissue any excess off when its time for your final step: Lipstick. Why this format works on the fly? The tip of the pencil can be used to define the lip shape in a cinch, while the wider part can fill in colour quickly and efficiently. You won't mess up as easily as you would with a liquid lipstick or a worn-down lipstick. Just make sure you keep your chubby pencil sharpened. In general, a punchy colour like fuchsia, tangerine or scarlet will dress up the face for immediate, gorgeous-making impact.
Chanel Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur