Everything you need to know about colour-correcting skin: The shades to pick, areas to correct, and products to buy

Everything you need to know about colour-correcting skin: The shades to pick, areas to correct, and products to buy

Splash of colour

Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @justannkharchenko

While many might opt for a foundation and concealer duo to create the illusion of a smooth, air-brushed like visage, there are some flaws even the most high-coverage offerings fail to mask. Stubborn acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and dark eye circles to rival that of Edward Scissorhands — may be challenging to cover up, but camouflage is made possible with this season's comeback kid: the colour corrector.

"Concealers and foundations generally cover imperfections, but corrective makeup helps in targeting specific skin issues like pigmentation, redness, acne, dullness and dark circles," explains celebrity makeup artist, Tanvi Chemburkar, in an interview with Vogue India. "It's been around for years. Simply put, they are creams that come in colours that neutralise these skin issues and cancel out others." Essentially, a crucial step when it comes to nabbing flawless complexion of dreams. As Charlotte Tilbury, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and Urban Decay present new offerings, it's only a matter of time before the rest of the beauty sphere catches on. Stay one step ahead by checking out our curation of formidable colour correctors — and their various uses — below.


Opposite on the colour wheel from red, green colour correctors are perfect if you're looking to conceal any forms of acne, acne scarring, or unwanted redness. The nose, chin, and areas between brows are popular application spots.


Those with deeper skin tones will benefit from a tangerine colour corrector to cut through the grey and blue hue of dark circles — especially if you find that your skin looks ashy with just a concealer layered over it.


If you have lighter skin tones, on the other hand, a salmon- or peach-toned colour corrector — opposite on the colour wheel from blue, purple and green — can help bury dark eye circles completely.


Disguising dullness, mild redness, as well as veins and bruises is an effortless feat when you have a yellow-toned colour corrector on your fingertips.


Primarily used to reduce out the yellow in complexions, purple is a highly popular choice amongst those with fair to medium skin tones.