Every single beauty product we want to see in space after the Estée Lauder NASA ad

Every single beauty product we want to see in space after the Estée Lauder NASA ad

In a galaxy far, far away

Text: Azrin Tan

Who needs celebrity influencers when you have outer space? At least, that's what Estée Lauder thinks. The leading cosmetics brand is paying USD128,000 to NASA — yes, the real deal with astronauts — to bring ten bottles of their Advanced Night Repair serums  up into intergalactic space for a fully-fledged advertising campaign on the International Space Station. Believe it or not, this is exactly something NASA has been prepping for as part of their broader strategy to facilitate the commercialisation of low-Earth orbit, so as to provide a new space (in every sense of the word) for private enterprises to further business prospects.

The renowned beauty label clearly saw the opportunity to prove their prowess: if the people up there can defy gravity and look good doing it without all that green screen nonsense...there' really no way it won't work its extraterrestrial charms down here, right? And so we thought: hey, why not brainstorm all the other vanity products we might want to see up there because you know...E.T could do with a skincare routine or two. Eyeball them all, below.

Moisturising creams

So apparently your skin gets dry in space. Like really dry. So dry that you might have your skin cells flake and float in front of you. Yeap, that does sound sorta gross. And you know what? Since they probably need those moisturisers to be working twice as hard up there than down here, perhaps some of our favourite luxe and hydrating creams should be put to the outer-worldly test.



This would be a downright winner of an advert for the beauty label that clinches this deal. Seriously, just imagine the ends of your eyelashes just naturally curving up (and up and up!). Make sure to bring an astronaut spacesuit, some cosmic standard temperatures before your jaunt in a constant vacuum of zero gravity for the full effect.



Remember Nolan's Interstellar? And all those very important messages about climate change and global warming? Well, since all that is very real and very true, it may be about time we start prepping the best SPF for full blown UVB exposure. We're probably oversimplifying it but if the ozone layer can't quite protect us much longer, will we be exposed to the same ultraviolet rays as those up in the galaxy? Since they're that much closer to the sun...


Dry shampoo

We never thought we'd have to Google search "how to wash your hair in outer space" but here we are, folks. According to the space experts, they use a minimal amount of water and no-rinse shampoo up there because well...the water just floats...and they reuse it as drinking water...? We're honestly as confused as you are, but we might as well test out those dry shampoo formulas where it's actually needed.



If you ever need to pop in for the virtual Zoom cam from all the way up there in space, you better make sure you've got a glitz and glam, fully hydrating, extraterrestrial-standard gloss on hand.