Dreamlash Singapore Magic Volume Lashes review: How it went, how long it lasts, and more

Dreamlash Singapore Magic Volume Lashes review: How it went, how long it lasts, and more

Eyes on the prize

Text: Emily Heng

In the tepid, tranquil waters that is my life, I am known to make the occasional controversial statement. There was the time I declared foundation unnecessary; mascara exercise-friendly; and the entirety of Gen Z exempt from growing pains. While this is admittedly a short list, it is a growing one. And so, on this fine day, I shall (brazenly) affirm my stance on yet another contentious topic: semi-permanent makeup. Or, to be specific, my deep-seated belief that semi-permanent procedures are the best thing that has happened to the beauty industry.

By this, I mean eyebrow embroidery sessions, lip blushing appointments, and the like. Convenience factor aside (#iwokeuplikethis), there's something about such services that highlights the adaptability of humans. Higher beings might have decreed that we should not emerge into the world with full brows or perfect skin, but damn it, are we going to carve that reality out for ourselves. And so, brimming with a new take-charge attitude, I decided to fulfill my fantasy of sporting long, voluminous lashes 24/7 by getting lash extensions.

My salon of choice: Dreamlash, a premium Korean lash extension studio that prides themselves on their safe yet skillful techniques. Having visited them prior, I knew I was in good hands — and would glean more insight than ever on lash health and maintenance. Below, a breakdown of everything I learned in the two hours my lash technician painstakingly glued cluster after cluster of fluttery hairs on my stubby strands. From must-know treatment hacks to the little-known facts surrounding the process, here's what ya gotta know.


#1. It's all about customising your lashes to your eye shape

Any salon worth their salt should be able to advise you on a specific design developed for your peepers. When I expressed apprehension as to my desired lash volume and curl, I was told to come down for a consultation so my lash stylist would be able to discern the best possible outcome. And boy, was I glad I did.

I've always opted for classic natural styles — shorter lashes in the front paired with longer strands at the ends. Apparently, though, I wasn't doing my orbs much favours when opting for this design. As long lashes tend to droop down, it only served to make me look sleepier than ever. Instead, I was advised by co-founder, Rachel, to go for something with a little more curl to that grants a doe-eyed, wide-awake effect.


#2. Your eyes will get seriously dry throughout the procedure

This is especially true if you are a contact lens-wearer. Seeing how you'll have your lids taped open for around two hours with little opportunities to, uh, blink, I'd suggest you ditch 'em and go au naturel instead. Alternatively, some places do provide eye drops should you need the lubrication, but why put yourself through it in the first place?


#3. The longer the lash, the more visible they are

My technician, Carrie, posed an important question right before we began. Am I the sort of person who gets annoyed when I catch glimpses of something in my sightline every time I blink? You see, it stands to reason that the longer and more voluminous your lashes, the higher the likelihood that you'll actually see them. It doesn't bother me in the slightest, but I have friends who have compared it to having gnats attached to their lash line.


#4. Longevity is dependent on your own lash growth rate

Dreamlash's technique differs in how hairs are attached on your lash rather than along the lash line. This allows for the continual growth of your natural hairs. However, this also means that your beautiful, fluttery strands will fall depending on long it takes for your natural lashes to grow out. I'm informed that with good aftercare, extensions can last up to five weeks.


#5. Every day is a practice in self-control

For optimal results, it's best not to rub, tug, or manhandle your new lashes, especially in the first three hours after the procedure. As someone who is fond of touching my own face, this proved to be a struggle. But as with all new stimulus, I eventually developed a slew of coping mechanisms. I began washing my face in increments instead of dousing it in water; stopped vigorously toweling my visage after a cleanse; and reached for eye drops whenever I developed an itch. It's a high price to pay — but hey, if it saves me precious time on my morning makeup routine, I'd (gladly) clear out my bank account to maintain it.