Do Singaporean men notice when women wear makeup? Local lads weigh in

Do Singaporean men notice when women wear makeup? Local lads weigh in

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Text: Emily Heng

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We may be striving towards equality in all its forms (e.g. racial, LGBTQI+), but there's no disguising the roadblocks impeding the process. From plain ol' ignorance to widespread stereotypes, the road to total acceptance is a slow, uphill battle. Gender stereotypes, for instance, are still alive and aplenty. Women are supposedly terrible at driving, math, and managing their emotions (pfft); men are unfit caregivers, dressers, and apparently oblivious when it comes to just about everything. See: the time they didn't notice your bangin' brows, killer liner, or the lipstick on your teeth. Fail. As much as we’d like to reject them all, is there truth to these generalisations? Are men really that clueless when it comes to noticing women's makeup, or are they simply victims of our poor judgment from years past? We hand 'em the mic to set the record straight. Below, the best of responses.

Eye of the Tiger
"Not to brag, but I can always tell when a woman has makeup on. Even when it's the subtle kind. I learned a lot from watching Chinese makeup tutorials, okay? Their makeup looks are so radical and transformative, it's almost as good as going out to get plastic surgery. Just looking at this girl, I can tell you that she has lip gloss, blusher, uh, highlights, and maybe that contour thingy on. Can't fool me." — He means highlighter, but good effort.

Information Overload
"I don't even notice when I get food caught in my beard. How am I supposed to differentiate if my girlfriend has piled stuff on her face or not?" — Because men can only process one thought at a time.

How Deep is Your... Makeup?
"I think it really depends on how thick the makeup is. If she's going to paint it on her face like a clown, I'm definitely going to notice it. If not, I'll usually be too distracted admiring the entire aesthetic to pay too close attention to the face." — Ok, but is ‘aesthetic’ code for something?

"Just like how girls notice when boys wear slippers on dates, I notice when girls wear makeup, instead of meeting me with the bare-faced, 'going to the wet market' look. It's just sloppy. Unless it's bare-faced with a Sacai ensemble, then you're excused." — Says the snob-and-a-half.

Guessing Game
"I'll definitely notice if it's your type of makeup, where it's neon and red and just... really bright colours. [Laughs]. Men are dogs, okay? We have limited colour vision. We only notice when it's like [mimes exploding noise]." — He who thinks men can measure up to canines.

Spidey Senses
"I'm super good at spotting makeup on girls. Or, like, when girls do something different with their hair and face. It's a talent cultivated from my many years spent in an all-girl household. I think I should put it in my resumé, actually." — Put it under Soft Skills, just in case...

False Expectations
"I didn't even know my girlfriend wore fake eyelashes until she ripped them off this one time she was drunk. We've been dating five years. I genuinely thought she was just blessed with superior genetics." — Turns out, ‘under the rock’ is a legitimate address

Please Don't Touch the Art
"I don't really notice makeup on girls, but my girlfriend makes it a point to tell me the stuff she has on so I won't ruin her foundation by touching her face in public. [Laughs]. I think it's really considerate of her, okay? Please don't trust me to figure it out on my own. I'm an idiot." — 10 points for self-awareness

Selective Vision
"When it comes to my partner? Yeah, of course. Can't be bothered with everyone else, though." — Signed, strangely sweet

Whether you're a girl or a guy, tell us: do you notice others's makeup?

Of course!
Of course!

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