A TikTok eyeliner hack that gives you full, fluttery lashes reminiscent of extensions? We try it for ourselves

A TikTok eyeliner hack that gives you full, fluttery lashes reminiscent of extensions? We try it for ourselves

Fake flutters

Text: Emily Heng Cheryl Lai-Lim

Image: Instagram | @mulan_bae

Let me preface this by stating that my eyeliner skills consist of the one time where I attempted to draw a shaky, completely uneven line  quite akin to a three-year-old's motor skills  atop my lash line, before sniggering at my attempt and throwing my eyeliner into a forsaken pile of makeup that I never quite touched again. I have no such thing as skill or poise when it comes to eyeliner is what I'm trying to say. So, you can imagine my look of apprehensive horror when Beauty Editor, Emily Heng, asked if I wanted to try out this TikTok liner hack to fake lash extensions:


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Whilst I definitely did appreciate @cafemaddy's creativity, the hack looked as if it needed a certain sort of finesse from me that's akin to asking me to folding intricate origami (another thing I have absolutely neither skill nor patience for). Unfortunately, I have also been blessed with short, straight lashes whose sole purpose seem to be ascertaining the fastest way possible to droop downwards rather than curving gracefully all day long to give me Bambi-like flutters. Ergo, despite my trepidation for everything eyeliner-related, I was all too willing to put this hack to the test if it meant that it could get me through my recent breakup with eyelash extensions (due to a third party in our relationship called the coronavirus). And because we at Buro. Singapore aren't the kind to leave you hanging, Emily and I decided to go all out to test how this potential falsies hack will fare against real lash extensions. Get the full 411, below.

Cheryl's verdict:

Armed with my inner eyeliner Picasso and Kat Von D's Tattoo Liquid Liner, I set out to replicate @cafemaddy's precise liner strokes. Under the guidance of her soothing voice and the somewhat hypnotic BGM of the TikTok video, my first few hair-like strokes went pretty well. The real challenge came when I attempted to create varying lengths of strokes to imitate real lashes. Too short, and they looked like flecks of dirt; too long, and they bore an uncanny resemblance to a spider's legs. Spacing was an important factor to consider too  if they were drawn too closely to each other they looked like a clumpy mess, but if they were too spaced apart, they had the potential of being the carbon copy of Yzma's lashes in the Emperor's New Groove (please, Google this).

With such harrowing factors to consider, imagine my surprise when I set down my weapon of choice and picked up my mirror at eye-level only to find that the hack...kind of worked? The liner strokes did give off the illusion of fuller and longer lashes, especially from a distance. Up close, however, was a different story, with the strokes looking somewhat awkward and clumsy. But since no one would be invading my personal space to eyeball my lids, this hack did work out to an extent for me, as you can view below (please excuse my snort of laughter at seeing my elephantine handiwork up close):

Emily's verdict:

I'm a creature of habit  so, naturally, I turned to my go-to lash extensions salon to refute the legitimacy of this TikTok hack. I entrusted Rachel, co-founder of Dreamlash, to give me a pair of 6D voluminous lashes  which grants full, fluttery strands at every angle. As you can tell, there's a pretty stark difference between Cheryl's liner attempt and the real deal, though I'd admit that the concept in itself is ingenious. I did attempt @cafemaddy's hack for myself in a bid to level the playing field, but found that it simply didn't work for those without monolids. Translation: my prominent eyelid crease was a hindrance to the precise liner strokes, where it smudged and got everywhere despite utilising the most budge-proof formula in my arsenal. Ah well, ce'st la vie, I suppose. I'll be sticking to my extension package.

Emily for lash extension hack

The final verdict:

Here's a side-by-side comparison of the two methods to elongate your eyeball curtains:

Comparison lash extension hack

Whilst the liner 'lashes' look like sad wisps when paired against the va-va-voom fluffiness of real eyelash extensions, it could potentially be a go-to for those looking for a low-cost option when it comes to intensifying their lashes. It's also important to note that I have hooded lids whilst @cafemaddy has monolids, and as Emily pointed out  this hack might not work for those without monolids. In any case, I'd mark the liner hack as idiot-proof, considering that the 'lashes' turned out decent even though I had zero hand-eye coordination and messed up several times. For eyeliner fledglings like me, I would highly recommend that you equip yourself with some makeup remover and a high level of patience as you navigate through the hack. Or, you could always opt for the real extensions.