Buro. Beauty Club Singapore: We review Clé de Peau Beauté’s Radiant Fluid Foundation Natural

Buro. Beauty Club Singapore: We review Clé de Peau Beauté’s Radiant Fluid Foundation Natural

Testing 1,2,3...

Text: Emily Heng

Not to state the obvious here, but living amidst a global pandemic tends to change things. Government-mandated rulings and restrictions aside, it seems there's also been a discernable shift in priorities within the beauty realm. Namely, a heightened awareness of what is required from our formulas. We don't just want a concealer with good coverage — we need one that powers through the humidity and constant friction from sporting a mask. Cleansers must go beyond makeup-removal to eradicate oil, debris, all manner of and impurities lest our skin suffocates behind 'em face coverings. Lipsticks that aren't transfer-proof? Yeah, not in this economy.

Foundations are no exception to this new way of life. The latest contenders have been touting their wares as both high-performance and resilient, impervious to water, heat, and a whole host of less-than-pleasant effects that come with mask-wearing. Amongst the lot, Clé de Peau Beauté's proves the most intriguing; a highly-hydrating, -nourishing blend that presents a direct contrast to its long-wear claim. But is it just a load of hot air? That's what we intend to find out.

The promise

Product: Clé de Peau Beauté's Radiant Fluid Foundation Natural

Number of shades: 31

Uses: Its intensely-moisturising formula infuses miens with a natural glow all while resisting caking, creasing, and dullness for up to 24 hours.

Price: $190


The people

Emily Heng, Beauty Editor

Full-coverage, this is most certainly not. Then again, to be fair, it doesn't claim to be. I'd liken this foundation to a tint compared to more conventional options, where its capabilities lie more in brightening rather than concealing. While it couldn't hide the monstrously large crater zit on my chin, it did grant an ethereal glow that (hopefully) distracted everyone from the aforementioned aberration. Its light, watery texture also meant that I didn't feel as if I was donning a pound of concrete on my face, even after sweating it out at the gym. On that note, it stayed on steadily throughout two HIIT classes, where I noticed only minimal smearing on the inside of my mask by the end of it. I noticed that dry, cracked patches that normally cropped up by midday were non-existent when I had this on, too.

I did, however, notice that it had a slight fragrance to it, which might make it unsuitable for sensitive-skinned folk out there. My advice: pair it with a pigment-packed concealer if you're looking to camouflage acne or dark eye circles — it plays nice with other formulas, and provides a subtle-yet-striking glow that justifies the price tag for me. Add a touch of powder to seal it all off, and you're good to trek through the Sahara with it, most likely.

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Janice Sim, Lifestyle Editor

There's lightweight, and then there's feathery light. Both traits are hardly to be expected in a liquid foundation, but with Radiant Fluid Foundation Natural, I found the formula to be exceptionally weightless upon application. Just a tad bit thicker than a tinted moisturizer, the foundation glided on instantly, without taking more than a few seconds to blend in (best levied with a beauty blender). Coverage wise, it isn't a heavy-duty sheen, so if you are looking to conceal a stubborn, protuberant zit, you would have to use an actual concealer. But to make up for that, the overall mien sits natural and effortless, as opposed to cakey and the danger of piling on too thick. What I really appreciated was the added hydration alongside an SPF 25, which meant skipping a skincare step or two during rushed mornings on the go. In my books, that's a win-win.

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Asri Jasman, Fashion Director

Let me start by saying that I don't have much experience wearing foundation. I've only started incorporating it as part of my grooming routine about two years ago and have been loyal to Boy de Chanel's foundation — it blends easily and gives the appearance of minimal, barely-there makeup. It's my approach to makeup in general; I want to look elevated but still natural. And that's what Clé de Peau's Radiant Fluid Foundation Natural is said to do well plus with the added bonus that it's supposed to last for 24 hours. Sold.

Just one pump of the foundation is more than enough for my entire face. I noticed that the consistency seems runnier than what I'm used to but it glides on quite effortlessl. I was a bit concerned that I might have got the wrong shade for my skin because the initial application showed an obvious tonal difference but it did even out after quite seamlessly which was great. Throughout the day, the foundation held on pretty well considering that the weather has been scorching and I was constantly on the move. It even lasted throughout a pilates session and an evening run. I was also wearing a mask with a white-coloured lining and rather surprisingly, there weren't much makeup marks left on it after an entire day of using that one mask. I'd say it's a success and ticks the boxes on my foundation checklist. Having said that, the price deters me quite a bit; I'm not absolutely sure that at the price, I'd get this in a heartbeat.

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June Chen, Marketing Manager

The biggest draw for me is how easily it blends into my skin, as well as how soft and breathable it feels. I had some tiny red spots on my cheeks, and it certainly diminished its appearance even when I tapped it on with just my fingers. There's the smell, too — a gentle, floral fragrance that was pleasant rather than overwhelming. And, of course, the most important point: it holds all day and doesn't cake or crease - yes, even without a spritz of setting spray. I'd highly recommend this if you're looking for a complexion product that gives a light and natural finish.

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The payoff

Its steep price tag is (largely) warranted thanks to a one-of-a-kind blend that moisturises skin without sacrificing on longevity. Our one gripe: perhaps a tad more coverage to fully seal the deal as a cult-favourite pick.

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