Buro. Beauty Club: Our review on the latest Nudestix NudeFix Cream Concealer

Buro. Beauty Club: Our review on the latest Nudestix NudeFix Cream Concealer

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @nudestix

It goes without saying that perfection is a state vastly overrated. Reinforced by years of unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated by corporations and media alike, it's taken a considerable amount of effort to rewire our mindsets to land upon one more forgiving of our flaws. Still, that's not to say we've grown comfortable with looking like a member of the undead. On those days where we're in serious need of a confidence boost, concealers are our go-to for hiding 'em imperfections.

God-tier picks disguise all manner of dark eye circles and zits; blend like a dream; and stays in place throughout the day. Nudestix's newest innovation claims to be all of the above — a vegan-powered, hydrating formula that provides water-resistant and long-wear coverage. Sounds ideal, though the question remains: is this bad boy full of hot air, or is it truly one for the hall of fame? Our favourite panelists share their evaluations, below.

The promise

Product: Nudestix NudeFix Cream Concealer
Shade range: 13
Uses: An oil- and sebum-absorbing pick that can be built upon to hide pigmentation, acne, and under-eye darkness. Its nourishing blend comprising sweet berry extract, sodium hyaluronate, and vitamin E promises a hydrated and smooth complexion, after.
Price: $42


The people

Emily Heng, Beauty Editor

Shade: Nude 2

Oilier complexion types are sure to regard this as their next holy grail. As someone with dry, dehydrated patches on her moneymaker, though, this translated to peeling and flaking by midday. While I bore an unfortunate resemblance to a molting lizard, I did like the velvety-soft finish this concealer grants. Its sheer, buildable texture didn't feel cakey or concrete-like on my skin either, which was yet another unexpected bonus. That, in itself paired with its long-wear capabilities means I'll probably add it to my makeup roster — used sparingly, however, and on my oilier areas such as the T-zone.

Buro. Beauty Club: Our review on the latest Nudestix NudeFix Cream Concealer (фото 1)


Tian Tian Wang, Senior Marketing Executive

Shade: Nude 5

A heavy-duty concealer, this is not. For those looking for fuller coverage, I'd suggest you find something else — several coats were required to obscure the worst of my maskne. Still, I was a fan of its lightweight, non-sticky finish, which illuminated my face and stayed on for hours on end. I applied it on to my oiliest areas and was impressed by how well it held up. That's the sides of my nose and chin, whereupon it adhered so nicely that I found myself skipping foundation entirely. I'll take it.

Buro. Beauty Club: Our review on the latest Nudestix NudeFix Cream Concealer (фото 2)


Jasmine Phoon, Procurement Officer

Shade: Nude 1

Anything that doesn't leave a tacky, gloopy sensation on my face is an automatic winner in my book. The Nudestix NudeFix Cream Concealer triumphs in that aspect. I liked how it was lightweight enough to be layered without much caking, and how it settled nicely into my skin without emphasising any fine lines. I'd keep it around to brighten my under-eye area, though it's probably best paired with a full-coverage concealer to hide redness and zits. Alas, its gleaming finish — while pretty! — simply couldn't mask glaring imperfections.

Buro. Beauty Club: Our review on the latest Nudestix NudeFix Cream Concealer (фото 3)


Lycia Ang, Educator

Shade: Nude 3

I didn't face any issues blending this concealer out with my fingertips, which is a major plus point for me. Beyond that, I found that it worked great with other products, such as my SPF and makeup. It didn't feel like I had an extra, cakey layer sitting atop my skin, if you know what I mean! All in all I don't have much complaints — except the fact that you have to really pack it on to fully cover up all redness. This was a tad challenging as I have reddenned, sensitised skin, but thankfully the formula was light enough that it didn't feel like I had a pound of concrete on despite the layering.

Buro. Beauty Club: Our review on the latest Nudestix NudeFix Cream Concealer (фото 4)


The payoff

A godsend for those with greasy miens, or folks seeking a subtle, healthy glow without much need for coverage. With touch-ups deemed unnecessary thanks to its budge-proof properties, we're using it exclusively to brighten the delicate under-eye area so we'll look as if we've had a full eight hours.

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