Boy de Chanel: Should women wear Chanel’s foundation, eyebrow pencil and lip balm for men?

Boy de Chanel: Should women wear Chanel’s foundation, eyebrow pencil and lip balm for men?

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Text: Emily Heng

Face it: to claim that the beauty industry is of interest to women — and only women — is a deeply misguided line of thought. If 2019 is anything to go by, the beauty-sphere holds just as much of an appeal for men. Big names such as Maybelline, Covergirl, and Rimmel embrace it, as evidenced by their inclusion of male ambassadors in their campaigns such as Manny Gutierrez, James Charles, and Lewys Ball.


Next comes the formulation of beauty products dedicated for men. And though we are firm believers in absolute inclusivity — i.e. no distinctions between male and female makeup or skincare, where beauty products can be used freely by all — the creation of said male-orientated makeup lines is definitely is a step up from stereotypical mindsets that believe there isn't a place for men at the table.

The latest addition to the movement this year is Chanel, with their very own male-orientated makeup line. Boy de Chanel consists of foundation, eyebrow pencil, and lip balm, all serving as a platform for newbies looking to get started with the basics.


This however, begs the question: does it differ from women's makeup? And how? Will us lady folk actually enjoy using it, or will it be a testosterone-laden venture bearing cringe-inducing flavours like BBQ and Cool Ranch? (We're kidding — Chanel would never.) Below, our thoughts on Boy de Chanel upon giving it a go.


Boy de Chanel Foundation
This lightweight 'complexion enhancer' promises a smooth, even complexion that lasts all day. It also comes — conveniently! — formulated with SPF25 for Lazy Larries (we’re making it a thing) who can't be effed with a separate sunscreen. 

Upon sampling, it appears that the product does live up to most of its promises; the formula is deliciously lightweight, absorbing into skin instantaneously and smoothing out smaller imperfections readily. It leans more towards sheer than full coverage, so don't go thinking it'll conceal those dark eye bags any time soon. Still, the chiffon-light texture and spicy, aromatic scent is enough reason to keep up coming back for more. We'll take five more for the road.

Likelihood of us stealing it for our own stash: 5/5



Boy de Chanel Eyebrow Pencil 
Filling in sparse, patchy brows (especially if it’s new to you) is made easy with this pencil as the precise applicator allows for creating natural, hair-like strokes; the attached spoolie helps brush out any unevenness with ease. The waterproof formula also ensures that fleek brows stay in place even through hours of work, sweat and play. In short? Groomed, fuller looking brows that don't appear drawn-on — no touch-ups required. 

Likelihood of us stealing it for our own stash: 4/5



Boy de Chanel Lip Balm
This lip balm is about as universal as it gets. Bearing a light, pleasant scent and a transparent, non-shiny finish, it nourishes puckers for up to eight hours and beyond — perfect for anyone looking to soothe dry, chapped pouts without unnecessary frills. We probably won’t buy it for ourselves but we definitely look forward to stealing a swipe or two whenever we catch the men in our lives busting it out.

Likelihood of us stealing it for our own stash: 4/5