Best makeup from Colourpop: Super Shock Highlighter, Shadow Palette, Lux Liquid Lip, and more

Best makeup from Colourpop: Super Shock Highlighter, Shadow Palette, Lux Liquid Lip, and more

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @colourpopcosmetics

As long-time members of the beauty community will tell you, variety is the spice of life. Perhaps that explains the staggering growth of the industry over the past few years; the foregoing of cookie cutter offerings in favour of labels that promise both innovation and ingenuity. Vegan skincare? Check. Clean fragrances? Hells yeah. Cruelty-, paraben-, and sulphate-free makeup? Bet on it. And while such progress is well and good, the sheer volume of products available can leave consumers feeling overwhelmed. That's where we come in — to help you narrow down which of these bad boys to splash out on, we've come up with a list of products we've personally tried that are worth their salt.

This week, we're looking at Colourpop: the wildly affordable label that has been making waves for its fun, efficacious, and cruelty-free formulas. Get 'em credit cards out and at the ready.

Colourpop Bare Neccessities Shadow Palette

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of this palette, we'll be remiss not to point out that Colourpop provides free shipping for all orders above USD$50. Sounds achievable, right? Wrong. They aren't kidding when they say they're wallet-friendly. Each product averages at USD$5-USD$8, which can make hitting the required amount impossible unless you're looking to replace the entirety of your makeup stash.

Your best bet is to get a friend (or two) to chip in with their orders, too — or scoop up one of the pricier products, which includes this 30-pan eyeshadow palette. Pigment-packed and comprising a wide range of finishes from matte to glitter, we recommend this to beginners looking to perfect their smoky eye.

Buy it here.

Colourpop Yes Please! Shadow Palette

For those who prefer bolder pops of colour, this warm-toned palette won't steer you wrong. I, beauty writer Emily Heng, have been using this baby for close to a year now. No other shadows can compare pigment-wise, and there's something about the combination of fiery oranges and shimmery golds that complement each other perfectly. You'll observe best results when you blend out with a brush, but its buttery-soft formula means fingers do the trick nicely, too.

Buy it here.

Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter in Flexitarian

Versatile is the word for it. This icy champagne hue suits a variety of skin tones; can be blended out with either your fingers or a sponge; and is easy to layer on should you want a blinding glow. A life-saver when travelling, we love how it doubles as an eyeshadow and inner-corner highlight. Our only gripe? Its buttery texture sometimes doesn't survive the shipping process, and can arrive bearing cracks. No matter —simply press it back together with your fingers.

Buy it here.

Colourpop BFF Crème Gel Liner

The variety of colours it comes in proves appealing enough, but throw in a waterproof, long-lasting formula, and we're pretty much done for. From hot pink to vivid mauve, this gel-pencil hybrid glides on smoothly to deliver a bright arc of colour. In our experience, it can survive Singapore's relentless heat and humidity with grace, though you will notice smudging by the time dinner time rolls around. We're not too cut up about it, to be honest. Pigment-power and cost alone justifies this purchase.

Buy it here.


Colourpop Lux Liquid Lip

The powdery, velvet sister to the brand's budge-proof Ultra Matte Liquid Lip, we love how forgiving this whipped formula feels on our pucker. Sure, it's not going to stay on through your greasy char kway teow lunch as their matte variants do, but it's not going to leave you with a cracked, peeling pout either. It doesn't dry down instantaneously either, which means you can blend it out by smacking your lips together to grant a sheer, gradient effect.

Buy it here.

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