Best long-lasting, transfer-proof lip glosses and stains in 2020: Pat McGrath, NYX Cosmetics, Nars…

Best long-lasting, transfer-proof lip glosses and stains in 2020: Pat McGrath, NYX Cosmetics, Nars…

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @narsissist

You don't have to be well-versed in all things beauty to know that the industry has undergone monumental changes in 2020. This is evidenced, most notably, by the dismantling of the Lipstick Index. A term coined by former Estée Lauder chairman, Leonard Lauder, it is in reference to how lipstick sales have historically increased during recessions; a phenomenon characterised by how women prefer to spend on small pick-me-ups to big-ticket items when times are rough. Lipsticks, it seems, are typically deemed to be the offering of choice. Naturally, this all changed when the pandemic hit and when mask-wearing was made mandatory in many countries.

And while we don't see COVID-19 fading into obscurity any time soon, that doesn't mean you should be ditching 'em lippies entirely. Instead, we say look to the new(ish) formulas crafted up by our favourite beauty brands. These ingenious inventions are budge-proof, long-wearing, and transfer-resistant as ascertained by the Buro. Singapore team. Below, the ones we've decreed safe (and stylish!) to sport under your face covering of choice. Get to prepping 'em pouts, we say.

NYX Cosmetics Shine Loud High Shine Lip Colour

We first witnessed its extensive long-wear capabilities on TikTok. From what we could tell, no amount of rubbing, friction, or water can get these babies off once they're dried down; a vegan, pigment-packed formula that can be transformed into a gloss thanks to its double-ended wand that comes infused with a top coat. We tried it for ourselves once it hits shelves, and are pleased to report that it lives up to our sky-high expectations — and the myriad of praise flooding our TikTok feed. We'll be eagerly awaiting a shade expansion seeing how it's only available in 24 hues so far.


Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

This matte offering from Maybelline is certainly deserving of its cult-favourite status. Super saturated pigments aside, we found that it doesn't sink into the cracks and divots of our lips — rather, it glides over most flaws, suffusing lips in vivid, vibrant hues. Users will have to be precise during application, however, lest they'd want to end up resembling Pennywise from It. These bad boys dry down fast and are impossible to remove without a cleanser, so you're going to have to be swift (and exceedingly exact) right from the get-go. In sum: you'll be hard-pressed to fix any patchiness or messiness once it's on. Capiche?


Pat McGrath Labs Lust: Lip Gloss

Immovable as its formula is, we can confidently declare that this option by Pat McGrath is a tad more forgiving than both the NYX and Maybelline picks. This largely has to do with its high-shine finish, which hence makes it a better choice for makeup novices struggling to ensure a smooth, even application. The addition of nourishing oils within its blend also means it's suitable for those with dry, chapped kissers. The one drawback? A reduced colour payoff. Still, we'd gladly overlook it in exchange for its lustrous shine and foolproof design.


Laura Mercier Lip Glace

Glacé is the right word for it. Picture the gleaming, glistening glaze of a donut and you'll get an approximate idea of what this lippie does. And while it is only available in nine shades, each one has been widely lauded for its versatility and non-sticky finish. We'd be remiss not to point out that there's a slight fragrance to it, however, that — while far from overpowering — is definitely noticeable.


Nars Lip Gloss

While this one has (arguably) the least staying power of the lot, it succeeds in delivering on beautiful, luminous colour that clings on for at least eight hours. Another plus point: a super comfortable texture that doesn't make your lips feel withered or flaky throughout the day. Makeup aficionados recommend layering it over lip liner or a matte option should you need to extend its longevity further.