One minute beauty tutorials: The ombré brow

Buro beauty trends

Text: Renée Batchelor

In the third part of our video series, Rick Yang, co-founder of FAC3INC shows us the practical steps and products you need to create a lush, 3D brow. Watch our one minute beauty tutorial to learn his insider tricks

Thick, straight Korean brows are all the range, but there's a new trend in town... the ombré brow. You can opt to have a brow tattoo like our intrepid beauty writer, or you can go for a multi-toned, dimensional brow using just key makeup products and tools. Unsure of how to start? Follow the quick and easy tutorial by Rick Yang (above) as he creates the look on Korean model Kwon Saem, and learn more of the steps and products he used in detail below. Getting perfect, gradient brows has never been easier.


1. Start by brushing foundation over your brows so the subsequent products will hold.

2. Next, use a brow liner to trace the shape of the brow that you want to achieve. It's okay to draw outside of your natural brow, and to create a more angular shape.

3. Using a brow pencil with a spoolie end, start by combing the brow hairs outwards to see where there are gaps, and fill these in with light strokes to mimic the look of brow hairs.

4. Next, to create the ombré effect, use a brow pomade or gel in a lighter shade to brush over the brow hairs. An eyeshadow brush will give it a softer finish. Blend the product in a downwards motion towards the nose bridge for a subtle, gradient effect.

5. Finally to tie the look together and to add volume, brush a brow gel in a mascara format over the brows. First, brush against the hair growth, before combing through brows in the other direction. This will lift the brow and give it an overall softness.

6. Keep the rest of your makeup light, using your fingers to pat on a matte, lip colour to balance the look. 

Videography: Justin Chen using Sony a7S
Videography and photography assistance: Andy Leow
Beauty direction: Renée Batchelor 
Makeup and hair: Rick Yang/FAC3INC
Model: Kwon Saem/Mannequin

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