One minute beauty tutorials: The monochromatic makeup look

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Text: Renée Batchelor

In the second of our new video series, Rick Yang, co-founder of FAC3INC shows us how to nail that no-makeup, monochromatic look that's trending now. Watch our one minute beauty tutorial to learn the subtleties of this look

Nailing that monochromatic makeup look may look easy, but it takes some skill to pull the look together. Seen heavily on the SS 18 runways and on red carpets, we asked makeup artist and hairstylist Rick Yang of FAC3INC to create his version of the trend on model Kwon Saem. He kept things simple by focussing on using just one palette — the Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter Palette —  to create most of the colour on her face. Recreate the full look with the detailed steps below.


1. Start by applying a good moisturiser followed by a suitable primer to give skin that supple and lifted look. 

2. To create the look, begin with a powder shadow in a medium brown tone to add subtle contours and shadows on the eyes. Apply it on the eye lid up to the crease.

3. Next use a contouring cream in a shade that is slightly darker than your natural skin tone and apply it on your cheekbones in a upwards motion.

4. To define the eyes, apply mascara on the lashes and rim the eyes in a darker brown eyeshadow on the upper and lower lid, smudging it in for a more lived-in apperance.

5. To open the eyes and add balance to the neutral tones, dot a cream or powder shadow in gold on the centre of the lid and blend it outwards.

6. Next use a cream highlighter under the eye area, blending it downwards towards the sides of the nose to conceal dark circles and create a subtle highlight on the skin.

7. If you need more coverage, use a liquid foundation on selected areas, buffing it into your skin with a foundation brush, avoiding the areas that have already been made up.

8. Instead of a traditional lip brush, use a wider eyeshadow brush to dab the lipstick on the lips for a fresher, more natural effect. Here, we used a lilac-flecked nude, but go for a shade that complements your skin tone, and doesn't leave you too washed out.

9. To tie together the look, apply some of the same lipstick on your cheek apples and blend it in with your fingers.

10. Finally finish with setting spray, focussing especially on the T-zone to keep your makeup in place.

Videography: Justin Chen using Sony a7S
Photography: Vanessa Caitlin
Videography and photography assistance: Andy Leow
Beauty direction: Renée Batchelor 
Makeup and hair: Rick Yang/FAC3INC
Model: Kwon Saem/Mannequin

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