We get exclusive facetime with Zac Efron, the leading man for Hugo Boss’ Hugo Iced

We get exclusive facetime with Zac Efron, the leading man for Hugo Boss’ Hugo Iced


Text: Angelyn Kwek

What makes a millennial fragrance? That’d be Hugo Iced by Hugo Boss, fronted by a campaign starring actor and generational icon Zac Efron as its new spokesperson

Hunky. That was the first word that popped into my head when Zac Efron flashed onto the screen for our Google Hangout interview session. And I don't mean it in the 'what-a-dreamboat' way (though his eyes are distractingly pretty), I actually meant that he's more ripped than Jesus.

From teeny bopper heartthrob to top-billing star in the upcoming action-comedy remake of the cult classic Baywatch, it's not hard to see why Hugo Boss tapped on the actor as the ambassador for its new fragrance, Hugo Iced. Efron represents the millennial ideal; that big dreams, hard work and talent will take you far — the triple threat combination that ties in perfectly with the invigorating nature of the cologne. Bottled with an immutable confidence, Hugo Iced is the very definition of fresh and daring, infused with icy ingredients such as crisp iced mint, a heart of wild tea blended with juniper and bitter orange, and base notes of deep, woody vetiver. The end result is a youthful, but no less impactful, scent that adds on to the Hugo Man legacy, where every spray is a boost of confidence that empowers you to seize the day.

Zac Efron for Hugo Boss Hugo Iced

Taking that leap of faith and going for it in the campaign, Efron puts his athleticism to the test as he tackles new heights (quite literally, which you'll soon find out) and talks what it means to be a generational icon, his potential as a growing actor and what #YourTimeIsNow means to him as Hugo Boss' millennial rep.

What was the impetus behind this collaboration with Hugo Boss?
I think timing was a big part of it. #YourTimeIsNow applied to me; I was ready to take that step, and I was also very into the message that they wanted to spread with this fragrance. I felt that being in the public eye as I am as an actor, it's a great way to utilise social media — which is something I'm still learning — to get a great message out to our generation to take that first step.

What was the most memorable part about shooting the #YourTimeIsNow campaign? What special skills did you bring to the filming experience?
The shoot was really fun because we kind of shot it as if it were a film, and then we had a separate photoshoot. Both of them were directed by fantastic photographers. The video was particularly interesting because Anthony Mandler [the director] is very much a Hugo-type guy. He's adventurous and crazy, so he built this giant beam across two huge buildings and it was like a 20-foot drop, and I was just on it with no rigs — I could have fallen any time. We just went for it!

We shot the entire campaign on the edge of a building and part of that experience was literally standing on that construction beam, so I kind of had to balance all day for a long time. It was kind of like being on the edge of a cliff, so I was going 'whoa!' and catching myself a lot. It was fun.

Zac Efron for Hugo Boss Hugo Iced

As an actor, how different is it emoting for a fragrance campaign/film, as compared to a role? And what facet(s) of the Hugo Boss man were you trying to portray?
Very different! It's exciting, it's new, and I've never done it before so it [the campaign] had a lot of differences. The bottomline is that we're out here not just promoting an amazing fragrance, which I'm excited about as well, but a great message to our generation — to the millennials. So to be the ambassador of the fragrance as well as the message to take charge of your life now; to not be afraid and to believe in yourself is something I am proud to share with the world.

I think that the Hugo Man is adventurous and fun loving. He's somebody who is not afraid to try new things. You know, just have fun with life... and smell good while doing it.

Speaking of smelling good, what kind of scents do you typically like?
My favourite scent... oh, wow. Hmm... I mean, it's Hugo Boss, of course! [Laughs] But if you're talking about notes, my favourite smell might be some kind of floral like hydrangeas because they remind me of my mum.

You've done musicals, dramas, comedies and now an action-comedy. Which is your favourite genre and which is more challenging than it looks?
They're all so different, but I think that my favourite is drama. I really do love dramas and lately I've watched The Light Between Oceans — the one with Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander — and I thought it was wonderful. Comedy is also very fun to do. It's all just different, you know? They're all very fun. I feel really blessed to be a part of any of it. You get to learn new things constantly, so with comedy you get to work with brilliant people like Seth Rogen and find out the kind of the keys they have to humour. Then when you do drama, I get to work with people like Lee Daniels, for instance. I'm very, very blessed.

Zac Efron for Hugo Boss Hugo Iced

Is there something you always wanted to try but haven't had the courage to go for, yet?
I have always wanted complete a triathlon, or a marathon. I just haven't managed to do it yet but I'm determined to finish one soon.

What advice would you give today's millennials on how to seize opportunities?
Everything is moving so fast in today's world and our lives are moving ten times faster than ever before. So my advice for millennials is to remember to slow down, try and make each moment precious and don't let life just pass you by, stay present!

Hugo Boss Hugo Iced is available from May at all department stores and Sephora, $92 - $174