Mineral makeup masterclass: Get your face on fleek with Youngblood Cosmetics

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Mineral makeup masterclass: Get your face on fleek with Youngblood Cosmetics
Everything you need to know about mineral makeup, as told by Youngblood’s global corporate trainer, Daniel Chavez

"Skincare was skincare and makeup was makeup; I used to believe that. I didn't know that your makeup and skin could work well together," exclaims Daniel as he gesticulates heartily, excitement evident in his eyes.

Brimming with a larger-than-life charisma coupled with insanely good skin and on-point makeup, this is just one of many beauty life lessons Chavez has to impart, having been in the industry for nearly two decades. His claim to fame includes long time stints at Smashbox Cosmetics and M.A.C, on top of painting famous faces the likes of Kim Kardashian and Destiny's Child.

Impressive resume aside, a strong passion in makeup drives Chavez, who's a trained makeup artist focused on training and education, developing products and advanced makeup artistry all across the globe where Youngblood has influenced the beauty scene. So what nuggets of wisdom did we glean from our intimate sit-down chat with this one-man makeup authority, aside from ingraining the mantra 'hydration, hydration, hydration' into our brains? If you operate on the premise of wanting makeup that will help your skin look its best over time, then you best sit up and ascribe to Youngblood's luxury formula because the guru has spoken.

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

As the Global Corporate Trainer for Youngblood, what are some of the common misconceptions about mineral makeup you constantly have to correct people on?
The biggest misconception is that all mineral makeup is healthy for your skin but that is untrue. It all depends on quality of ingredients. A lot of makeup brands out there use lower quality minerals to keep their products affordable and at a certain price point but we use a higher quality mineral and higher quality ingredients in order to make it the best for your skin. Also, there are a lot of makeup brands that call themselves mineral, but they're actually 'mineral-infused' and not 'mineral-based'. They start with regular makeup, then they add minerals inside of it to make it a little better and a little bit healthier but they're not 100 per cent mineral like Youngblood is.

It's only better and healthier for your skin if they're mineral-based and not mineral-infused. Mineral-infused makeup is just like buying any drugstore or high street brand where they just add some minerals into the product then proceed to market it as mineral makeup, claiming that it's so much better for you but that's really not the truth. However, Youngblood is a 100 per cent mineral-based makeup line so every ingredient from the very first to the very last we put in are all minerals — in our makeup, in our bases and in our colour as well. Even our pigments are mineral.

In what way does Youngblood mineral makeup differ from regular makeup?
When Pauline [the founder] created this brand, she wasn't planning to go into retail. She was an aesthetician and she recommended it to her clients who were going through treatment; from rosacea and acne to facelifts and laser peels. Then she decided it was a good product and began to sell it because her post-facial clients needed makeup that will allow skin to get better, to breathe and to keep the glow. We're non-acnegenic so our products won't cause breakouts, and we're non-comedogenic which means no pore clogging. Everything is tested by dermatologists. And me (laughs).

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Everything is derived from the earth or the ocean. We have ocean botanicals in our liquid foundation and we make sure only the highest-grade quality is used when it comes to our cosmetics, which is what makes Youngblood different. Unlike other makeup brands that have talc, bismuth chloride, zinc, silicone, dimethicone and mica — all these are low-quality minerals — our makeup will allow your skin to breathe. If your skin can breathe, it can heal and it can get better. Our product line is 100 per cent mineral so as you're wearing it throughout the day, your skin is breathing and your skin is getting better. It's truly effective and truly restorative.

Sometimes the pigmentation of mineral cosmetics can be tricky to pick up. Are there certain brush fibres that are best for use with mineral-based makeup?
Not with Youngblood! We use pure pigment from the earth, something other brands don't use because it's costly, and the most expensive ingredient in our makeup is pigment but the payoff is extreme. We make sure we don't skimp on quality just because of price so all of our stuff is amazingly pigmented. From our eyeshadows to our creams, the pigments are strong so you can use any type of brushes with Youngblood. Our makeup goes on and they stay, even in Singapore's weather.

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

What are the steps to prep the face for stay-on camera-ready makeup, particularly for women with sensitive or problem-prone skin who should look to Youngblood?
Number one: I always hydrate the skin. Just like how you hydrate your body during the day by drinking water, you need to hydrate your face throughout the day too. It's not enough to use moisturiser in the morning. Doing so will keep your pH levels balanced, if not your skin will dry out or get very oily. But if you can keep your pH moisture levels the same, you can maintain your makeup the same all day. That's why I use Minerals in the Mist, which is de-ionised water and minerals and can be used anytime, anywhere. I spray my face 10 to 15 times a day because I'm addicted, but you only really need to spray your face two to three times. Hydrated skin will look younger, more plumped and the wrinkles more diminished.

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Also, I recommend that you wear your SPF separately. None of our products are labelled SPF even though there is sunscreen inside because we believe you should not rely on your makeup to give you your sun protection. SPF is ridiculously important and you ought to wear SPF25 or higher. So you put your moisturiser on, then your separate sunscreen, mist and hydrate and if you need to extend the wear of your makeup, you top it off with a primer such as our Mineral Primer for combination to dry skin or our Anti-Shine Mattifier for oily skin.

Another trick I do is to mix the primers. I double up on primers for my own skin as I have an oily complexion but I like the silky feel of the mineral primer. As a makeup artist, I also know not to overuse either one because that would create too much slip and the makeup will slip right off the face. Use a bit of the Anti-Shine Mattifier in the oiler areas followed by one pump of the Mineral Primer all over the face. That way you have just enough primer on to give your skin that soft, silky feeling and to absorb shine.

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Having sorted out your base makeup, how do you then go about making it last all day?
We believe in a setting powder to help set the makeup and extend the wear. With the primer first, it gives your makeup something to grab onto and together with the powder they hold onto each other and extend the wear of your makeup. And as the final step of your makeup, use the mist to add hydration so you get that 'no makeup' natural look before using the setting powder. If you have dry skin, the HD Setting Powder works better and we also have the Mineral Rice Setting Powder to absorb shine for oily skin. These work to absorb excess moisture and oil so your makeup will last all day.

I know some brands have setting sprays, but we can't create one as the ingredients involved makes it impossible to create a setting spray that is 100 per cent mineral. Because it won't work, we're not going to introduce it. We don't want to put ouy a product that's not mineral-based and go against our beliefs.

What are your pro picks from Youngblood that are always in your makeup bag?
I always have my Minerals in the Mist, Champagne Life crème blush, the Brow Artiste Kit, mascara and a gloss. These are the ones I always keep in my bag. And my foundation of choice is the Liquid Mineral Foundation. I wear this everyday all day, no matter the weather and where I'm going or travelling to. With these products, I'm set!

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

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