Under-the-radar Singaporean beauty brands you should be ashamed not to know

Under-the-radar Singaporean beauty brands you should be ashamed not to know

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Text: Emily Heng Angelyn Kwek

Editor: Jolene Khor

Image: Instagram | @rough__beauty

With the influx of the hottest cult brands rn taking over everyone's vanity and social media feeds, it's understandable if your #supportlocal flag isn't exactly flying high as of late. But lest the domestic section of your beauty black book gets too outdated, here are the under-the-radar Singaporean beauty brands you need to start name-dropping.

1. Zahara

From eyeshadow compacts and liquid lippies to a revamped nail polish lineup, Zahara is the halal-certified makeup brand even the staunchest Muslim will vote 'yay' for. And once you've tried their signature oxygen and water vapour-permeable lacquers, you won't go back to mass market formulas that leave your nails discoloured.


2. FrankSkincare

Founded on the belief that healthy, radiant skin is everyone's right, FrankSkincare operates much like an old-school apothecary where the products are made in small batches. Using only certified organic ingredients, their specialty oils are a must-try and are completely safe, even for expecting mums.


3. Sigi Skin

Superfruits for your skin? Heck yes. Full of antioxidants derived from acai, avocado, kale, and soy, this doesn't just read like a yuppie millennial's vegan skincare dream, the formulas each have multi-purpose benefits — the Kaleanser does double duty as a makeup remover and facial wash — so you can do a lot with a little.


4. Bare for Bare

Holistic, botanical, and totally affordable to boot, Bare for Bare is proof that you don't have to break the bank in your pursuit of organic hair and body care products. Infused with essentials oils for a touch of aromatherapy and healing, here's to squeaky-clean that doesn't harm Mother Nature.


5. Faux Fayc

Looking like a Korean import with its sleek black packaging, Faux Fayc started out humbly with only a single mascara but has since snowballed into a full-fledged cosmetics brand. Some of its most raved about products include their gorgeous holographic liquid lippies and their Full Cover Concealer that has the makings of a cult classic.


6. W.ant Skincare

If you like your skincare to be eco with a side of ethical, Want Skincare is the niche label offering both. Its range of cleansers, scrubs, oils, and face mists are entirely handmade using sustainable resources without any synthetic ingredients or preservatives. Plus, every purchase contributes to the local communities and women of Bali and Benin.


7. Solos Cosmetics

Despite being a fresh entrant to the vegan beauty game, Solos Cosmetics is one to watch as their high-performance-meets-sustainability-meets-affordability trifecta is poised for great things. With their Lipmattic liquid lipstick collection already proving to be quite the hit, you'll want to watch this space for more launches.


8. Handmade Heroes

You get the best of both worlds here: 1) Asian-inspired beauty practices; 2) vegan skincare. Expect to find ingredients such as rice, coconut, charcoal, and turmeric in their range of award winning scrubs, lip balms, and face masks — not to mention the cheeky product names and descriptions are just the thing to put a smile on your face.


9. Alche(me)

Bespoke skincare has been gaining traction on our shores as of late, with local label Alche(me) fronting the movement. Think customised serums, masks, and moisturisers designed to address your specific complexion needs and concerns, with the brand taking into account all preferences including your formulation's texture and fragrance as well. Talk about one of a kind, right?


10. Liht Organics

Singapore's first-ever premium organic cosmetics brand, Liht Organics provides products free of skin nasties such as synthetic chemicals and parabens. You can expect formulas that are lightweight and nourishing for the skin such as their highly popular Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation and their Anti-Ageing BB Cream alongside pigment-packed lippies and mascaras.


11. Rough Beauty

With a focus on simplicity, sustainability, and saving the Earth, Rough Beauty sells handcrafted bar soaps and other bath items made of only quality natural ingredients. Think gentle foot scrubs, roller-ball perfumes, and even body wash, to boot. Packaging is kept minimal to reduce material wastage while customers who opt for the package-free option gets 5% off their total bill. And that's how it's done.