Turn back time: Sulwhasoo TimeTreasure range

Turn back time: Sulwhasoo TimeTreasure range

Age delay

Text: Renée Batchelor

When should you start your anti-ageing regimen? The answer may surprise you. Sulwhasoo's TimeTreasure line is the perfect starting off point for women in their thirties

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror, the minute you wake up tomorrow. Chances are you'll notice things on your face that weren't there before. Whether it's pronounced expression lines along your mouth folds (called nasolabial lines) that don't disappear even when you're not smiling or tiny lines at the corners of the eyes that seem to have appeared overnight or just a lacklustre and dull complexion... age creeps up even on the best of us.

No, we're not trying to make you feel bad about yourself, but the reality is that we age from as early as our mid-20s, although in Asian skin the results may not be glaringly obvious until your 40s when age spots, sagging and wrinkles really start to show their hand. From our experience the best way to can stave off ageing is to through a combination of good skincare habits as well as investing in and applying key anti-ageing products.

Anti-ageing rules

The number one rule for all women (and men) is to start on daily sun protection. Especially in our tropical climate, the constant exposure to harsh UVA and UVB rays ages and damages our skin. If you smoke, you may want to quit or at least cut down on sticks significantly. Smoking affects your skin in several ways. It causes the degradation of collagen and elastin in skin and reduces the supply of oxygen to skin cells. Plus the constant pursing of the lips and furrowing of the brows, may look cool now, but will result in permanent wrinkles and lines in the near future... not a good look even if you're Scott Eastwood.

Your 20s and beyond is also when you may want to start investing in anti-ageing skincare. If splurging on an entire regimen is not tenable, pick key products — we recommend a good eye product and serum for starters — and add them to your basic cleanse and moisturise routine.  Or you may want to try luxury skincare that really does the job. After all, nothing in your wardrobe will get as much 'everyday wear' as your face, so you should consider your skin a worthy investment.

Sulwhasoo is a celebrated Korean cosmetics company that uses traditional herbal ingredients and recipes and was created specifically for Asian complexions. We were impressed by their newly-upgraded, anti-ageing line TimeTreasure EX which uses the De-Aging Active (DAA), a skin activating enhancer derived from the red pine tree in their products. Why the red pine? The tree caught the attention of researchers as it can keep its needles green and reddish barks intact for thousands of years. Now that's longevity! The products work synergistically to hydrate the skin, reduce wrinkles and restore radiance. Plus the scent of the products — thank to the natural pine bark fragrance —  are divine. We spoke to Kate Kwon, manager, of the Brand Science Research Team at AMOREPACIFIC, the parent company of Sulwhasoo, to find out more.

Extract from the red pine tree

What are the newest technologies for the TimeTreasure EX range and how does it improve your skin quality?
The new technology is called the encapsulation technology which increases the concentration of DAA by 33 times. It ensures the delivery of the 33-times concentrated DAA to the skin, activating the longevity gene and removing lipofuscin — a waste product that builds up within cells — to enhance the vitality of the skin and prevent ageing.

When is a good time to start on this particular anti-ageing regime and why?
As TimeTreasure EX is a total anti-ageing line that overcomes the signs and factors of skin ageing with the vitality of legendary red pine to restore the timeless youth of skin, it is generally recommended for consumers aged 35 and up. However, it depends hugely on an individual's skin. For example, one 40 year old may have totally different skin concerns and condition than another 40 year old.

Tell us more about the Red Pine Extract. What is special about this extract and how does it energise the product and the scent?
The DAA ingredient exists in a tiny amount in the red pine. Through research on red pine trees and related efficacies, we identified DAA, as a key anti-ageing agent. The scent of red pine, from the Korean pine tree, relaxes the body and mind and multiplies the skincare efficacies.

Is it important to use all the products in the range or are there star products that are a must-use in combination with our other Sulwhasoo products ?
All Sulwhasoo products are designed to generate synergy when they are used together. The First Care Activating Serum EX is a boosting essence that is applied right after cleansing to create optimal skin conditions, so any treatment products used thereafter will be better absorbed and more effective.

TimeTreasure EX line will be effective if your skin seems to have lost its resilience. The  line revitalises the skin and provides a comprehensive solution to tackle the ageing process, which sets off chain reactions and accelerates once it starts.

Here is a closer look at the products in the range:

Available in September at Sulwhasoo counters and stores