This makeup brand has the secret to Perfekt looking skin

This makeup brand has the secret to Perfekt looking skin

Makeup for dummies

Text: Renée Batchelor

Perfekt beauty, used by Rihanna's makeup artist and Reese Witherspoon, just might be the best kept secret in Hollywood. We speak to its founder Richard Anderson to find out all about it

When it comes to makeup, there seems to be a backlash against too many products. Sure, there are those dedicated to their multi-step routines that rival that of Korean actresses, but on the flipside, there are women who just don't want to deal with three concealers, and multiple makeup brushes. Founder of Perfekt Beauty, Richard Anderson told us, "I've been in the beauty industry for many years. I was an account executive with Bobbi Brown and I also worked with Yves Saint Laurent. What really resonated with me was that women wanted products that were easy. Also they wanted to look like themselves and not have obvious-looking foundation on their skin. Many women would also say to me, I'm a busy mum or I'm a busy executive — I don't know to apply makeup with sponges and brushes."

Taking into account the preference for easy, blendable and portable products, Anderson created Perfekt Beauty in 2005. He says, "At Perfekt, we're easy beauty. Everything I create is a gel and with a gel technology so it does all the work for you. You just pat it in and blend." Anderson tells us more about his products and why his customers love them, as he lets us try them on our skin.

What is your best-selling product?
The Skin Perfection Gel is the brand's number one product. It photoshops your skin and it looks like skin not makeup. It comes in four shades. I created this product as women did not have time for all this stuff — and they wanted a product that looks like your skin, not foundation. It's your skin, only better. A lot of women use this as a primer as it's quite sheer. But a lot of women also use it on its own. Younger girls love this because it looks so natural. It's important to pat as it's water-free and it blends better that way. It fills in the pores and turns into a powdery finish. You can also put this on top of your makeup, as it turns into a powder and it perfects your makeup. It's vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free. I've been wearing it here and it stands up to the humidity of Singapore.

Skin Perfection Gel
What is the newest product from Perfekt Beauty?
Our new product is the Skin Perfection Plus. This is the best of a BB, CC and tinted moisturiser. It just melts into the skin and doesn't look chalky – it has gel technology and its very lightweight. It comes in six shades. It even has SPF 30, and it uses a physical sunblock, titanium. This has coverage, hydration, hyaluronic spheres and collagen in one, and I made it specifically for the older customers who wanted more coverage.

Skin Perfection +

Do you just do base makeup or do you have other offerings?
We have a mascara that's been called the best in the world by makeup artists. It's the same gel technology. With the mascara, it defines and curls every lash. It's a gel so it bounces. We have a beautiful brow perfection gel. It's a tinted brow gel and you comb it in, but it's alcohol-free so it doesn't have that crunchy brow feel. It's so soft, it nourishes and conditions as well. The brand also has a Cheek Perfection Gel. It has a bouncy, smooth, jellyfied texture. It looks like you just stepped out of the sun or the cold. Another great product is an Illuminator Perfector called Liquid Gold that comes in pouch (like a baby food pouch) that you can use on your hair (as a leave-in conditioner), but also on your face and body. It leaves the hair bouncy and conditioned. We are also known for our body products like the Body Perfection Gel.
What makes Perfekt Beauty different from other brands?
Firstly, the fact that we use gel technology. The gel technology really melts in and works for you, so you don't need all the tools. Another great selling point is the texture of our products. Women love the texture more than anything. Everything is also TSA approved. My target is the girl-on-the-go or a boy-on-the-bounce, so our products are all travel-friendly. It's also like makeup for dummies. Anybody can apply this product, you can't mess it up!

Who are some of the makeup artists and celebrities using Perfekt Beauty?
So many makeup artists in LA are using these products. Rihanna's makeup artist Mylah Morales uses this on her, as does Spencer Barnes who makes up Julianne Hough. Reese Witherspoon was introduced to Perfekt Beauty by her makeup artist. We're like the best kept secret in Hollywood. We were also the official makeup sponsor for the GLAAD awards this year.

Perfekt Beauty is available at Sephora