This is how style influencer Jessica Wang gets ready for fashion week

Powder Room

Text: Elizabeth Lee

Every fashion month, all eyes are on fashion editors, influencers and industry insiders as they dress in their stylish best for the shows (P.S. check out the best of street style here). But what's a glam get-up without impeccable makeup?

When we were in New York City to cover the fall/winter 2020 shows, we caught up with Jessica Wang of Not Jess Fashion and quizzed the stylish influencer on her makeup routine.

Do you have a signature makeup look?
I like to keep things simple. I mainly have two looks I love. One is something bronzey for the eyes and a nude lip for day (shown in the video above), and a darker look, usually with red lipstick, for evenings.

What's one beauty tip for when you're pressed for time?
I have my eyebrows embroidered and I think that has really saved me a lot of time in the mornings! Now, I just use a brow pencil to fill in small gaps, but otherwise, my brows look fine even when I have no makeup on.

Tips for looking good on camera?
I'm a fan of contouring! I think it really helps to define my features and jawline. I also finish off my foundation with a little bit of powder so there's no shine.

Do you have any unconventional makeup tips?
Well, makeup artists always reccomend that you start with a lip liner first before applying lipstick, but I like use lip liner on top of lipstick. I find that it helps define my lips better.

What's your all-time favourite nude lipstick?
That would have to be the MAC Lipstick in Spice!


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