Surprising new uses for fillers

Surprising new uses for fillers

Filled to the brim

Text: Lam Bee Lan

Cosmetic fillers have been around for a long time. But doctors are beginning to find new and novel uses for them

When the idea of using fillers to enhance one's youthful looks comes to mind, many automatically think of the reduction of forehead lines, nasolabial lines and wrinkles. However, fillers have been so creatively adapted in modern times that the former uses — once revolutionary — are now a thing of the past. So without further ado, say hello to the four new and ingenious usages of fillers:

1) As skin boosters
Restylane Skinboosters are the most recent trend in nourishing and hydrating the skin for that youthful glow. Instead of the typical filler injections that are designed to fill deeper lines and wrinkles, these are designed to deliver deep skin hydration. Skinboosters use multiple fine injections of hyaluronic acid — a naturally occurring component in the skin that retains moisture — to the chosen area of skin to gradually improve skin elasticity, firmness and texture. Results can normally be seen after a single treatment, but three sessions spread out every two to four weeks is usually recommended for the best outcome.

This technique can be used for both men and women on faces, hands, necks, and the décolletage. People who want to improve acne-scarring and photo-damaged skin can also opt for this to plump up their skin and improve its radiance.

2) For face and eye lifts
For those who want a more obvious yet natural improvement in looks, they can opt to use fillers for face and eye lifts — easily a huge improvement from the days where such results could only be achieved surgically.

Dermalift — otherwise known as DLift — is a new injection technique that not only delivers a faster onset but also comes with no downtime. The procedure places small amounts of neurotoxins into the skin via microinjections and is able to give a lifted look without limiting expressions at all. As it also has a tightening effect, DLift is able to create a smooth V-shaped face that not only looks rejuvenated but poreless as well.

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3) Plump up veiny hands
Not many people are aware but the hands give away signs of ageing just as much as the neck... and maybe even more. If you google 'Madonna Mitts' you'll see how aged and veiny hands can add years to your age. With the constant use of our hands every day and our neglect to wear moisturiser there, the skin thins and causes the veins to become more prominent.

By injecting dermal fillers into the areas of concern, the hands begin to take on a more youthful look. Though some doctors might recommend fat transfers, fillers are considerably less invasive and also pose little to no complications after. Moreover, many patients feel more at ease knowing that the process is reversible if they should be dissatisfied.

This process may not seem like much, many people do mention how much more confidence it has given them, especially now that their hands match their faces and are no longer a giveaway. 

4) Plumping up earlobes
The most surprising usage of fillers might be for earlobes. Though many aren't aware of this new procedure called 'eartox', it has actually become very popular with the over 40 crowd. Women who have been wearing heavy or dangling earrings for a long time find themselves with stretched and saggy earlobes.

The lobes are injected with filler in several areas and inflate, looking a lot better immediately. The tissue not only looks softer but very hydrated as well. Patients can say goodbye to loose, flappy earlobes and welcome their favourite earrings instead. Women, who have also been sporting shorter crops as they age, are particularly grateful for this procedure as they become more comfortable with how their ears look. Others, who haven't dared tie their hair up in ages, can now do so as well.