Create super fresh skincare with Philosophy's Ultimate Miracle Worker Night

Create super fresh skincare with Philosophy's Ultimate Miracle Worker Night

Pearls of goodness

Text: Renée Batchelor

With a new serum in cream formula, this night treatment is power packed to boost your skin while you sleep

If you purchase a jar of Philosophy's new Ultimate Miracle Worker Night, you might be a bit taken aback at the packaging — a sleek black jar and a pack of pink pearls in a packet. The idea behind the separation of the formula is to keep the serum (stored in the pearls) fresh until you're ready to use the cream. When you open your jar, simple add in the pearls and mix them in. Intrigued? Find out more about the concept and efficacy of this night cream from Philosophy's Muriel Pujos.

What was the inspiration behind this product?

The inspiration for this project came from our in depth work on skin regeneration and our knowhow in retinol. We wanted to create an all-in-one night product with a light, comfortable texture that is unlike classical night creams, without compromising the powerful technology behind it.

In addition, by studying our consumer's habits and questioning them, we understood that providing them with an all-in-one skin care routine combining a serum and a cream in a fun way would be interesting for them.

This is how we developed the Ultimate Miracle Worker Night, the first serum in a cream of its own, with a patented technology using our high potency retinoids + or hpr+, our latest innovation in the science of Retinol.

How does this work differently from your peels?

We do not compare night treatments to peels, but think they are complementary to each other. The Ultimate Miracle Worker Night can be used during your cure of Microdelivery Anti-Aging Overnight Peel, you just do not use it the same nights. If you really like it — you can even use it after step two of your peel. Peels are meant to boost cell renewal and boost skin radiance as well as improve the signs of ageing, but they have to be complemented by creams for optimal results and this night cream helps  give ideal results.

What are the star ingredients in the Ultimate Miracle Worker Night?

Our patented hpr+ technology, as well as a double dose of iris active plant cells that is partly in the pearl serum and partly in the cream. So when you mix the serum in the cream prior to the first use,  you get a double dose of iris active plant cells.

The hpr+ technology optimises the power of retinol that helps cell proliferation and boosts cells synthesis for in depth skin regeneration. Our iris active plant cells complement it and offer an action through each layer of the skin, with epidermal regeneration, dermo epidermal protection and dermis regeneration.

What was the inspiration behind the fresh-in delivery system and how does it enhance the quality and the efficacy of the Ultimate Miracle Worker Night?

The interest of putting part of the active ingredient in the pearl is to preserve this extra amount up to the last minute and thus get the optimal potential of this active ingredient. The fresh pour system is now part of a Philosophy signature since both the Miracle Worker Pads and Time in a Bottle Serum also follow this concept.

What are the results we can expect to see on our skin and how long will it take?

We have seen incredible results, right from the first use in terms of offering intense hydration. After only two weeks, there are already results on the texture and firmness in 100 per cent of women and 97 per cent of women had a  healthier looking complexion. After four weeks, wrinkles are addressed in their three dimensions: length, width and depth — after eight weeks, the depth and length of wrinkles are reduced for 91 per cent of women.

$120. Available from April at Sephora stores