Care for down there: Strip’s Rosebud Vajuvenation treatment

Care for down there: Strip’s Rosebud Vajuvenation treatment

Like new again

Text: Angelyn Kwek


It’s time to take your personal grooming to the next level by giving your lady parts a facelift

Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. An amalgamation of vagina and rejuvenation, this one-of-kind treatment is what Strip deems 'a facelift for your Brazilian', and we reckon it's going to take off big time the same way getting your pubes de-fuzzed has now become de rigeur. Besides, if you're invested in ensuring it's all baby smooth down there, why not go all-in and give your lady parts a boost in looking firm and youthful?

A revolutionary treatment that has been 15 years in the making and exclusive only to Strip, Rosebud Vajuvenation is an anti-ageing facial to tighten, lift and firm your labia using ThermaO2 technology where radio frequency, vacuum and heat is applied to stimulate collagen in the tissue. It is completely non-invasive and non-surgical compared to labiaplasty — aka cosmetic genital surgery to alter or reduce the shape and size of the labia (ouch!) — so you can banish that horror image of a glinting scalpel inching towards your vajayjay. In fact, why don't you watch a fun little educational clip on the whys and hows of the vajuvenation process?

With immediate effects that includes lesser fine lines, a firming up of sagging skin, and an instant blush effect, let's just say my curiosity has been piqued like a cat's to find out if this treatment could really put the rosiness back in your rosebud. And the first step to surrendering my vajuvenation V-card? A Brazilian that had me yelping on and off, because it's a must that you're completely bare before you can begin the treatment. Though if you wax like clockwork, or if you're on IPL, a shave down is all that's needed. Once I'm fuzz-free and have gotten a handle on the last vestiges of pain (honestly, it's really not that bad... or maybe my pain threshold is just pretty high), a cool gel is slathered onto my lady parts while the vajuvenation machine fires up. Then without any preamble, my therapist goes right in with the wand.

Off the bat, there's a gentle suctioning action as she moves the handheld device over the skin. But if you don't register any sensation or you find it too mild, you can always request to up the level of suction, which was the case in my experience. The heat kicks in soon after and with the constant back and forth motion of the wand gets distributed evenly across the skin. It's actually very relaxing and almost massage-like — the perfect balm to my earlier Brazilian. Beyond feeling a warm suction, however, are the invisible radio frequency waves being delivered deep into the dermis, which in tandem with the two aforementioned factors work to firm the labia. The entirety of the treatment takes but 20 minutes, followed by applying a soothing mask down there for another 20 minutes to moisturise and lift your lady parts.

Strip Rosebud Vajuvenation

So did I magically regain the vajayvay of an 18-year-old post-vajuvenation? Well... yes and no. Firstly yes, because I was shown with a mirror halfway through the procedure where I could noticeably see a reduction in some of the fine lines, and an overall smoothness on one side compared to the untreated half. Secondly no, because according to my therapist my lady parts were in tip-top condition for my age (err, thanks?), and as such the effects were not going to be holy-shit-visible. But in confidence she also recounted other Strip patrons whose Rosebud Vajuvenations saw jaw-dropping improvement in a single session, particularly one client in her sixties — yup, we've got all ages — whose womanhood de-aged to its prime condition 30 years ago. Plus there are testimonial pictures at the front desk to prove it, if you're the type who demands photographic evidence.

However, do note that if you're gunning for long-lasting effects, up to eight sessions are recommended for maximum results, along with a maintenance schedule that requires you to come in once every two to three months. Without a doubt though, if it's a miracle worker to put the spring literally and figuratively back in your lower flower, this is absolutely (beauty) god sent.

Strip Rosebud Vajuvenation

Rosebud Vajuvenation is available at all Strip outlets, $250 for 45 minutes