Guess who was in town repping Shilla Duty Free as the new brand ambassadors?

Guess who was in town repping Shilla Duty Free as the new brand ambassadors?

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

Flying down from Seoul for a special concert and a meet-and-greet, SHINee and Red Velvet inaugurated the launch of the newest Shilla Duty Free store as its brand ambassadors

Deafening screams, fluorescent signages, and enough police presence to put down a riot — that was the setting hapless folks were blindsided by at Changi Airport's newly opened Terminal 4 (T4) on a normal Friday afternoon. So what interrupted the regularly scheduled programme and brought on the fangirl (and boy) hoards? Oh yes, celebrities were in town... and they're of the Korean persuasion. Cue uncontrollable fan shrieks here, because it's chart-topping acts SHINee and Red Velvet who've swanned onto our sunny isle at the behest of Shilla Duty Free.

Shilla Beauty Concert

In town to represent the brand as their new ambassadors, the K-pop sensations celebrated the launch of Shilla Duty Free's latest retail space inside T4, as well as to answer some burning fan queries on their shopping habits and how they're always so ridiculously good looking. And if one of your need-to-know question is whether or not the SHINee lads and Red Velvet gals could shop up a storm; the answer is a resounding 'heck yes'. While their Shilla shopping bags were obviously out of sight, the bands shared that they had touched down in Singapore several hours prior to the meet-and-greet, and had had the pleasure of making a circuit through the sprawling 1, 375-square metre duty free store. Attended to by the staff, they picked up goodies ranging from makeup and fragrances to skincare products and health supplements (this last one here heartily endorsed by Key, SHINee's self-proclaimed health nut).

Shilla Beauty Concert

Fellow bandmate Jonghyun added: "It was really well equipped with lots of products, and the staff were friendly as well." Also, if you want to know what his shopping cart consisted of, it was apparently "...the most expensive items," quote-unquote. As for Red Velvet, leader Irene echoed the group's sentiments, saying: "We are very honoured to be the new ambassadors for The Shilla Duty Free alongside SHINee. We like the new store here because it's so big and there is a wide variety of products, and we hope that everyone will get a chance to shop at Shilla Duty Free too."

No guesses as to what these ladies purchased. Makeup, skincare and more makeup, including essentials such as hydrating sheet masks — Wendy's must-have to combat the drying airplane atmosphere — and a dark red lipstick, according to Yeri.

Shilla Beauty Concert

Amidst non-stop camera flashes and earsplitting declarations of love, SHINee and Red Velvet gracefully concluded part one of their ambassadorial duties, before moving on to the special concert in the evening, jointly organised by Shilla Duty Free and the Changi Airport Group just for VIPs and valued fans. And that was a whole other ballgame of crazy as the fans went into overdrive during the 2-hour performance that brought the house down. You know, just like this, complete with rabid fan chants and light wands:

Thanks, SHINee and Red Velvet. Now I'll always flashback to last Friday night whenever I'm doing my duty free shopping.

The Shilla Duty Free store at Changi Airport Terminal 4 transit hall is now open

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