What an invisible haircut at the ritziest hair spa in town feels like

What an invisible haircut at the ritziest hair spa in town feels like

Designer hair

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Hair-raising gets a new definition at the newly launched Rossano Ferretti salon in Singapore, where the ultimate pampering experience awaits. We snag the maestro himself during the pre-opening for a quick Q&A on the art of hair, and get ours made over à la The Method

"We design hair, we don't cut hair," is the proclamation you'll be walking into when you swing open the doors to Rossano Ferretti's newly minted salon sitting catty-corner from the foyer of the historic Fullerton Hotel. Those in the know, or anyone with discerning taste, will tell you it's the small things that make or break what's truly luxury, and it's this exact attention to detail paid to every aspect at Rossano Ferretti that elevates the brand to be a cut above the rest (see what we did there?).

The premier name in hair, Rossano Ferretti — both the label and the man — is the industry OG that has been flying under the mainstream radar for some 20 odd years now, as its signature Il Metodo (aka The Method) caters to a clientele so niche, it reads like a who's who of society. Word has it that even Duchess Catherine goes to Ferretti for her much lauded crowning glory. Now launching its presence in Singapore following hair spas in cities across the globe such as Los Angeles, Shanghai, Paris, Madrid and New York to name but a few — including the very first salon hailing from Parma, Italy — Rossano Ferretti is finally within reach this side of the equator.

Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa in Singapore

In town to inaugurate the latest hair spa in the family, Ferretti displayed a hands-on demeanour that reflects the holistic approach his brand and his team applies to hair, seen in everything from the execution of the cut to colour and maintenance. Famed for creating the invisible haircut that revolutionised beauty, Ferretti's passion and enthusiasm goes into The Method's every snip... and it was certainly the game-changing cornerstone that built his empire.

"We follow the hair's natural flow," the maestro points out. "When I started becoming a hairdresser, the world at the time was concentrating on geometric cuts because it was much easier to teach 'one, two, three' in terms of angles than to liberate the hair — to give it freedom and movement."

My motto is 'I want healthy hair'. Without healthy hair, it's impossible to create beauty.

Meant to enhance each individual's distinctive beauty with the natural flow and fall of the hair, which means no cut is ever identical to another, the invisible cut is a closely guarded trade secret unique to Rossano Ferretti salons. As he puts it: "We're a niche boutique brand, so we don't want to open a big academy to teach [The Method] to every stylist in the world. What we do is bespoke hair."

"This is the reason why we are successful in every country, and why we can work with every hair type," he goes on to elaborate.

Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa in Singapore

And that's what a session at Rossano Ferretti can do for your mane. Here on our Little Red Dot, the two-man team leading the hair spa — Christian and Diego, formerly from the LA and Rome branches, respectively — have been trained in The Method by the creator himself, and are the ones who will be taking point until a local team gets Method-certified. So what exactly does an invisible haircut (or any other service) at Rossano Ferretti entail?

"What we're offering is a unique, personalised experience for your own beauty," said the master hairstylist. "We want our clients to feel at home, not at a beauty salon. We want to know their names because they're not just numbers to us. We want to know them, and to meet their expectations — to listen and understand what really makes them happy."

Sign us up, we say.

It starts off being seated in plush chair set in a minimalist luxe décor to have a consultation with either Christian or Diego, depending on whom you get assigned. This is when you hash out all your hair woes and wants, with your stylist dishing constructive advice on whether your demands actually suit your face. They're all ears when it comes to what you want and are all for making it better, but keep in mind they're also the pros after all, and they've been trained to know how your hair will best look on you, which means outrageous requests may summarily be vetoed.

My request was simple enough; I was growing out my hair so I wasn't big on lopping it too much, and my relatively tame, straight strands didn't have any special needs unlike curly or textured hair. Other than that, I left it in Christian's hands. And although he was of the opinion to even out my ends until it was level with my shortest layers — which would qualify as a long bob — he sensed my reluctance to go much shorter, so we compromised in the middle. Then off I go for a wash, which has me kicking back on an automated massage chair, imported from Italy of course, while my head gets a shampoo and a relaxing knead.

Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa in Singapore

Once I'm back in the hotseat, this is where it gets artistic. The Method plays out almost like a dance as Christian flits around my head, moving to a rhythm only he knows. Armed with a pair of scissors and a straight comb (that's all he needs) sans other clips or tools to section off my hair, he starts snipping with movements so precisely refined you can barely see the scissors taking off your locks. You know, hence the 'invisible' in the invisible haircut. Watching him work is riveting in itself, and my eyes were darting around tracking his actions; from an acrobatic twist of the wrist or an unexpected bend of the arm to obtain different layers, he was constantly on the move, following the fall of my hair with an intense concentration. So intense, in fact, the comb faintly scraped the side of my face at one point as he ran it through my hair, but in all fairness, he was caught in the throes of The Method and likely didn't realise (plus you never interrupt an artist at work, right?).

Several more manipulations of my head later — and at one point Christian even slow-moed his scissoring technique at my request for a better look — my fresh locks were given a dash of Vita regenerating serum on the ends before a final blow-dry. And voila! The end result was a much more voluminous, bouncy look in spite of taking off more hair, with the most refined layers I've probably ever had. I may or may not also be struck with the urge to keep swishing my new fab hair, replete with a Boomerang or two.

What act III? The Method promises to hold the shape and flow of your hairstyle even when it has grown out, so you can chuck heavy-duty maintenance or tedious taming out the window. As another industry insider happily tells it, one late-running morning had her rubbing some Velluto serum into her damp hair and dashing out the door, only to have colleagues asking later if she spent more time on her tresses that day because it looked like the In fact, investing in the Rossano Ferretti Parma collection is the next best thing following your invisible haircut (or even if you haven't) as the eponymous hair care range is specially formulated to nourish your hair back to optimum condition.

Developed with scientists over seven years and consisting of only the finest ingredients and organic elements without any chemical nasties, these products are not just your run-of-the-mill luxury shampoos and conditioners. From its textures to the scents, the collection transforms your hair care system into a sensory process, much like how The Method gives you a hair re-assess you never knew you needed. And if you think the invisible cut reads fantastic on paper, then you really need to experience it IRL. Now go win at #hairgoals.

The Rossano Ferretti Hairspa is located at 1 Fullerton Square, Level #01-04, with services ranging from $375 - $510. The Rossano Ferretti Parma hair care collection is available exclusively at the salon

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