Purple reign: M.A.C x Justine Skye for the Future Forward collection

Purple reign: M.A.C x Justine Skye for the Future Forward collection

The purple unicorn

Text: Renée Batchelor

Singer, songwriter and beauty lover Justine Skye is the new face to watch out for, as M.A.C taps on her for this year's Future Forward collaboration

If you haven't heard the name Justine Skye, remember it. With 1 million Instagram followers, and millions of video views on her YouTube, the stylish Skye is about to blow up in a big way. Which is no wonder a big makeup name like M.A.C has tapped on to her for its Future Forward collaboration for 2017. Future Forward identifies rising stars in music and in beauty — past participants include Halsey. This year along with Dua Lipa and Lee Hi, Skye has contributed her dream makeup creation — a purple-flecked M.A.C Pearl Powder to the trio. Nicknamed The Purple Unicorn — you have to check out her gorgeous purple mane — Skye shares more about her music and her this collaboration in the exclusive interview below.
The new Future Forward collection, featuring a limited edition trio: Lee Hi's deep red matte lipstick, Dua Lipa's Cremesheen Glass multi-pearl gloss and Justine Skye's iridescent powder
You've had several hair and makeup transformations since your debut. Which look was your favourite and why and how did you settle on your current look?
My favourite look is a bone straight middle part for my hair. I've also been feeling the short bob lately though too. Makeup-wise on the day to day, I go for a very clean and natural look.

What to you is the power of makeup in transforming and helping you "create" characters on stage or in videos?
Every time I put on makeup I say "wow." It boosts your confidence and you can become whoever you want to be. You can be a super hero or a sexy girl. Makeup is transformative.

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What is the dream for you as an artiste, and does today's music climate facilitate that dream, or make it harder to achieve?
The dream for me is to reach people globally with my music. I want for fans and listeners to understand me and make them happy and feel something. As musicians, we make ourselves super vulnerable and we can sometimes be misunderstood. When your fans understand you it's such an important and special feeling.

How did the collaboration with M.A.C come about and how did you choose your shade and product, a soft purple pearl? Would you say purple is your signature colour and why do you like it?It is an amazing opportunity for both my music and makeup to be chosen as one of them. Makeup allows me to express myself in a way other than music, and that's important. It's very exciting for me to actually create the makeup I use to express myself.

What are some of your favourite makeup products that you find using a lot as a performer? Do you think you've developed any beauty or makeup signatures, and if so what is it?
During the day it can be used as a simple highlighter with a few other products. It can also be doubled as an eye shadow, which looks so amazing when combined with the highlight. When I'm on stage or performing, using the powder as a highlighter on the cheekbones is the perfect addition to a contoured, glittered, and extra lash look. You can really go there with this powder!

How important is a musician's image in building herself as a brand? What do you think your personal fashion and makeup style say about yourself and your music?
I find image to be super important. It's what people see and gives them another perspective from just hearing your music on the radio. I think my style says I'm adventurous and I like to try out different things. I like to have fun... my hair is purple after all!

Fashion and music often collide in collaborations such as capsule collections and the like. What did you learn from this collaboration with M.A.C?
I learned that the process to create makeup products takes a long time. Much longer than you think!

Music can be equal parts inspiring and serve as a tool to connect to fans on an emotional level. How do you think your collaboration with a beauty brand like M.A.C can do the same?
It gives people a boost of confidence and adds colour to your day. It truly makes your day fun!