The princess diaries: We imagine Meghan Markle's beauty appointments in the run-up to her wedding

The princess diaries: We imagine Meghan Markle's beauty appointments in the run-up to her wedding

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If you haven't already been swept up in the royal wedding shenanigans, here's where you can get started. We imagine the hectic beauty routine of Meghan Markle in the lead-up to her wedding

Meghan Markle. It's the name on everyone's lips this week whether you're a royal enthusiast or not. We've already written about her hair and makeup and how she has princess-ified herself following her engagement announcement last year. You've seen her pretty bling up close and read the Twitter reactions. But what do you think Markle is up to these next few days besides fending off the attempts by rogue relatives to tarnish her big day? Here's our imagined sneak peek into her beauty appointment book and her possible thoughts in the lead up to the big day.

It's just four days to the wedding and things are getting stressful what with Markle's father Thomas reportedly backing out of walking her down the aisle less than a week before the big day. What's a girl to do when she finds herself in a quandary? We would recommend a stress-busting massage. Skip the wimpy Swedish kind, and go for as Asian-style massage — whether it's Thai or hot stone — to really get deep into those muscles and release tension from the head, neck and shoulders. 

If the stress is really getting to her, may we recommend Markle pop into London's Heartcore fitness, where she's been spotted before, for yoga, barre, or spinning classes or perhaps for a sesh of pilates. If she's feeling particularly wound up, maybe some boxing might be the change of speed she needs. Don't worry Meghan, we won't judge you for picturing the bigoted British press and royal family members who wear racist jewellery as the punching bag.

"Beyoncé must have had me in mind when she wrote 'Daddy Lessons'. Oh dad, if you wanted your picture taken you only had to wait four more days..."

Meghan Markle

With just three days to the wedding now's the time to get her mane perfectly in place. Although Markle has exclusively worn her locks smooth and blown out since taking her place in the spotlight, there are some people who are hoping that she will unleash her natural curls on the big day. While that would send a great message, it's probably wishful thinking at this point. Perhaps Markle can take a cue from another (decidedly less royal) biracial princess, singer Mariah Carey, who went au naturel on her wedding day for her first marriage to Tommy Mottola. 

If not, now's the time to be doing all those last-minute beauty appointments from a root touch-up — Markle appears to have dyed some subtle, auburn brown highlights — to doing regular masks and treatments to keep her tresses in tip-top shape. She's likely to be visiting her mane man Miguel Perez — who also does Amal Clooney's hair — for these appointments. Although we would strongly advise Markle against getting any drastic haircuts or texturising treatments at this late stage, just in case.

And although palace protocol has deemed that most royal brides wear their hair down and bedecked with some form of crowning jewels (see everyone from Queen Elizabeth to Princess Diana to Duchess Kate), rule-breaker Markle may just buck tradition with a sophisticated updo.

"Who knew that hair could be such a big deal? Up, down? Straight, wavy or curly... even my hair is a political statement!"

From one curly-haired princess to another

The cameras will be zooming onto all the tiniest details and though her feet will likely escape notice under her dress, we're sure Miss Markle would love a heavenly foot massage and a good pedicure. One thing that will definitely be seen by all and sundry? Her hands and nails. We've already predicted that she will have to go with a super simple, almost nude manicure. There'll be no nail art and nail bling for this princess, as the only things allowed to sparkle will be the actual diamonds she'll no doubt be dripping in. Markle will want to splurge on a spa manicure, perhaps even opting for a luxurious hand mask to keep her hands looking flawless.

If Markle is feeling a little dehydrated from the crisp London air, now would also be a good time to pop in for a hydrating or brightening facial. Again, she's likely to go for a tried-and-tested facialist like Nichola Joss or Sarah Chapman at Skinesis Clinic to avoid any unexpected reactions. Meghan, if you're reading this, make sure you don't try anything you haven't done before.

"Getting ready is no piece of cake. All Harry has to do is shave, while I have to spend the entire week prepping, primping and practicing my royal wave."FRIDAY 18 MAY
The day before the wedding is one when nerves are high and there's hardly any time left to get things done. Now would be a good time for a brow appointment — Markle's neatly groomed brows are a part of her whole look after all, and now's not the time to break from tradition. According to Vogue, Markle goes to Nails & Brows in Mayfair for her perfect arches, dubbed the 'Audrey' for the straight brows with the slightly lifted tails that the late actress sported. We're guessing there's no chance the heavily-scrutinised Markle will be seen in public at this late stage, but it's highly likely Nails & Brows owner Sherille Riley may be making an important house call. 

Markle will be spending the night in the Cliveden House Hotel with her mother Doria Ragland the night before the wedding. We say it's the perfect time for some mother-daughter bonding, perhaps an eye mask or two, a bottle of bubbly and an early night in.

"Tomorrow's the big day. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but I'm really hoping the fashion police don't rip my dress apart... and that Princess Michael keeps the racist jewellery in the safe." 

On the big day, Markle will be focussing on perfecting her makeup and hairdo — although a blast of skin rejuvenating oxygen on the face, or a quick sheet mask for that radiant glow, will not go amiss. Let's hope Markle will leave the work to the professionals, unlike Duchess Kate who insisted on doing her own makeup and kind of overdid it with the eyeliner — and that she got a good night's sleep despite the enormous pressure she's under.

Our prediction for her wedding makeup? Something simple, sophisticated and utterly timeless — not unlike the look she's often sported for big, public appearances this past year. Think translucent skin (she often lets her freckles show), pale, pink lips and lightly defined eyes. As for her hair, we predict that she will wear it up, in a simple, slightly tousled chignon to show off the neckline of her dress. Let's see if we're right.

Will her wedding look be a redux of Meghan's signature style

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