What you should really be doing for acne-prone skin

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What you should really be doing for acne-prone skin
Yes, acne can be difficult to live with. Dr Lam Bee Lan, our resident skincare expert gives her advice on managing acne-prone skin

Acne can be depressing, discouraging, distressing and most of all, frustrating. As a result, many choose to apply makeup to cover up acne, when curing it does not seem likely. While there is nothing wrong with that, knowing what can be applied and how it should be removed is equally vital.

Since acne normally occurs on oilier skins, the type of makeup used has to be selected very carefully. Oil-free, water-based makeup, is more suited for acne-prone skin. Though the coverage isn't as heavy duty, the lightweight  texture will ensure that skin breathes better and hence it will not clog the skin's pores. Also, most oily skin is actually dehydrated below the surface, and makes up for it by secreting more sebum. The water content in water-based makeup aids in skin hydration and helps balance the complexion better. 

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It is fine to apply makeup to conceal your acne blemishes so as to give you confidence when facing the public. What is more important is to do proper makeup removal at the end of the day. Just as we cleanse our skin of the accumulated debris over a long day, makeup needs to be removed thoroughly too. One can opt for a double cleanse to be doubly sure. Do try to avoid harsh cleansers as they can strip the skin, not only of oil but also of moisture, thereby actually creating even oilier skin.

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Besides cleansing both day and night, remember to go for a good sunblock when done with skincare in the morning. Acne, which is red and angry, often scars, and these scars turn darker when unprotected under UV Rays. Papulex UV High Protection Cream SPF30 contains ingredients such as shea butter, antibacterial adhesive substance, PEG-8 beeswax and offers an amazing texture that controls sebum and gives skin a 'dry touch' — crucial for oily-skin types. Specially for sensitive skin, this sunblock is paraben-free, non-photosensitising and fragrance-free.

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For persistent acne, there is Agnes, a machine that uses microneedling radiofrequency to destroy the sebaceous glands that cause chronic relapsing acne papules, nodules and cysts. Due to the high efficacy of this treatment, it also reduces the need for antibiotics to treat acne. It is the only treatment available that can provide a cure for acne spots and effectively treat acne scars at the same time. Just two to three sessions delivers significant results. 

Indeed acne might seem like an uphill battle. It may make you lose your mind, your patience and your pride — but don't ever let it make you lose hope. Days of better skin are definitely around the corner, and it all begins with these small steps. 

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