Now you can ombré brow like an Insta-star with Browhaus

Now you can ombré brow like an Insta-star with Browhaus

Not your grandma's brows

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Want to rock the ombré brow trend but can’t be fussed to spend the time to have ‘em on-fleek 24/7? The Brow Resurrection by Browhaus is your answer

Generally 'tattoo' and 'brows' in a sentence go over about as well as curdled milk, but before recollections of your granny's faded and greenish/bluish inked-on eyebrows put the fear of fake brows in you, we're coming right out with a disclaimer stating that the Brow Resurrection is a far cry from that old beauty faux pas. Yes, while it's a semi-permanent procedure, the treatment isn't at all giant-tattoo-needle-in-your-face, and it definitely doesn't wear harshly like you hot-glued some felt brow cutouts to your forehead. 

What it is are brows that look extremely realistic, with the dye stitched into your natural hairs — a technique developed and perfected by the experts at Browhaus (these people know their stuff, trust us). No matter your brow woes, be it sparse patchiness, uneven growth or just plain over-tweezing, Brow Resurrection is the cure-all that will get your brow game up there in the echelons of Instagram eyebrows. And in the interest of fact checking and ensuring over-promising was not undisclosed in miniscule fine print somewhere, I signed myself up for a session. Of course.  

Browhaus Brow Resurrection

Striding into the hip Browhaus outlet at Mandarin Gallery, my brow transformation journey started with a consultation by my assigned brow artist, Melody. Incidentally, she's one of a small handful of the brand's master brow artisans, so yay me. That aside, you're walked through a form that addresses your brow concerns and what kind of brows you want from the four available types of Brow Resurrection: Classic for a defined look, Soft for a lighter brow, Full if you want to pull off a Cara Delevingne, and Ombré for a gradient look that's totally trending right now. No guesses as to which one I chose. All of this is entered into an iPad that logs your deets for when you return to get your touch-ups. One quick snap of your un-doctored eyebrows — all the better to see the alignment of your hairs — plus your choice of brow colour later, and you're set to begin the Brow Resurrection proper.

Browhaus Brow Resurrection

My ideal brows are first sketched on with a pencil, and once I'm all good with the shape, arch and thickness (feel free to direct your brow artist to make adjustments where you want it), a cool numbing cream is applied onto the skin to minimise discomfort. As it gets to work, a Browhaus consultant perches by the side of my treatment bed and runs me through the aftercare kit, which consists of a curated duo put together by Browhaus for the proper TLC to keep my new brows pristine. I'm also shown the extremely fine micro-blade and laser thin multi-needle that will be used, still in their sealed packaging as proof of hygiene, before Melody rolls up her proverbial sleeves to tackle my brows.

Browhaus Brow Resurrection

Using a unique two-step technique to create natural-looking eyebrows that mimic the look of real hair strands, the blade is drawn across the length of my brow in small strokes to give it definition. If at this point you're bracing yourself for the pain, you can stop gritting your teeth and uncurl your death grip because from the first stroke to the last, I can say with all honesty I only felt the barest of twinges. What I will caution though is hearing the blade going 'snick snick' as it works over your skin, so if you rank a 10 out of 10 on the squeamish factor, best to plug in so you won't have to subject yourself to the sounds.

This is followed up by 'dotting', the second of the two-step technique that injects the base colour into the skin for that full, voluminous look, going darker at the ends to really play up the ombré effect. The final result is a finer finish than most semi-permanent brow treatments, and one that I will raise my 'yay' paddle to now that I'm two weeks post-Brow Resurrection. Indeed, you'll only get to show them off in all their designer brow glory once the weeklong recovery period has past. In the mean time, expect some itching and a bit of peeling — nothing major so long as you staunchly resist the urge to pick at your brows — but that's just a small penance to pay for having flawlessly perfect eyebrows all year long. 

Browhaus Brow Resurrection

Besides changing your life ("I have eyebrows!" said the lady getting a Brow Resurrection one chair over), my ombré-ready brows save me six minutes of finagling with my usual pencil-plus-gel combo in the morning. Plus, think of all the wet-environment situations you can now tread with no fear of your eyebrows sliding off your face — from rainy weather to extra sweaty gym workouts. Or just rolling out of bed and you're good to go on those no makeup days. More than just a resurrection, I'd say this is the customisable brow job of your dreams. Time to join the wow brow club, ladies (and gents).

The Brow Resurrection is available at all Browhaus outlets, from $1,200. To book a session, click here.

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