Nikkie Tutorials tells all: The secret behind her glow, her ultimate beauty favourites, and her love for… The Rock?

Nikkie Tutorials tells all: The secret behind her glow, her ultimate beauty favourites, and her love for… The Rock?

Blonde ambition

Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @nikkietutorials

It's 2019 and makeup inspiration never runs scarce. On Instagram and YouTubebeauty gurus have left us spoilt for choice ­— and at times, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of material floating around. While this makes separating the wheat from the chaff a monumental task, there are reliable sources we return to for up-to-the-minute, innovative, and boundary-breaking looks. For us at Buro. Singapore, Nikkie Tutorials is undoubtedly one of them.

Nikkie de Jager — aka Nikkie Tutorials — first catapulted into the scene in her 2015 video, 'The Power of Makeup.' Produced with the intent of celebrating the bold, transformative quality of makeup, her branding was quickly cemented in subsequent works; think demonic makeup transformations and a full face of makeup using only liquid lipsticks. Her fun, happily shameless approach to beauty gained her over 12 million fans (aka subscribers).

Marc Jacobs Beauty just so happens to be one of them — and the feeling is mutual. The reciprocal romance birthed a partnership, one which named Nikkie the Global Artistry Advisor of Marc Jacobs Beauty as she fronts the brand's latest range of makeup.

"What I love about Marc Jacobs Beauty is that is their philosophy is very much in line with mine," de Jager said during our exclusive interview last week. "We do whatever feels right. It's like, you want to pop a cream concealer on top of powdered skin? Hey, let's create a product that actually can do that! It embodies everything I stand for, which is that doing makeup is just doing whatever you're in the mood for."

What else was de Jager in the mood for? We pressed our luck at the launch of the brand's Accomplice Concealer in Singapore, prompting her to dive deep into her wealth of makeup tips, skincare secrets, and her crush on (we never would have guessed this), The Rock.

When did you start wearing makeup?
I started wearing makeup when I was 14 years old, after watching my first makeup tutorial by Sandy Gold. I saw her do a Lauren Conrad makeup tutorial and I was like, "People do this?" Then I found out about this entire world full of makeup tutorials and I was hooked ever since.

How does inspiration hit?
Inspiration for new videos literally comes from everywhere. Like, I will look around in this room or down and spot a fire hydrant or something and be like, "Oh, it's a look!" So you have to be open to it. You have to receive it from the world and from heaven. Lord, it's hard. It's hard to come up with something new every single time, but we try.

What makeup looks will be trending in 2019?
I'm really excited that lip liner is having a comeback. I love overdrawing, doing the whole gradient thing...  I think lip liner is here to stay for the next couple of years. Oh, and probably glowing, perfect, full-coverage skin. It's a movement that I've been on for a couple of years now.

Are there trends you never want to see reappear?
Good question. [Laughs] There are a couple of trends which I think should stay in the past but I'll let you decide which ones those are.

You've worked with really cool people over the course of your career, influencers and celebrities alike. Did any of them leave you starstruck?
It's really hard for me to feel starstruck, to be honest. Because at the end of the day they poo, they pee, they go to the toilet, they get drunk, they get hurt... The only person where I was like, "Oh my God, she's in the room", was Jessie J. I think it'll happen again if I ever got to work Adele, though. I'll faint, and then never wake up. Oh, and I want The Rock to do my makeup! I'm waiting for the day when he gets his very muscular arms around my face.

Who has been the most fun celebrity or influencer to work with so far?
Everyone's super fun. They all have like little things that make them magical. The most fun I've had was with Jessie J, though. She's so funny and I love that sort of British humor that she has. We had a ball. We actually had to cut filming for 20 minutes because I was crying my makeup off from laughing.

Say your house is on fire and you have three minutes to grab a couple of makeup products. What would they be?
Oh God. [Laughs] I would probably grab my Ofra highlighter that I made because they're my babies. Then I would take the Accomplice Concealer to, you know, hide the dark circles from my pain and sorrow. Lastly, my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream because my lips are going to look crusty with all that fire surrounding me. Gotta keep them moisturised! And I would snag a tinted brow gel if I still have brows by then. I don't know. I mean please, when there's a fire, just run. You can buy the makeup again, just get out!

Oh, no skincare?
My mom takes care of my skin so if there's a fire, she's going to be like, "Well honey, when there's a fire you better grab all the products because they were expensive." So I guess I should grab my little pouch with all my skincare in it and run. Like, my main one that has my Marc Jacobs Youthquake in it.

Tell me more about your collaboration with Marc Jacobs Beauty.
I feel that Marc Jacobs Beauty is the one brand that really gets me, and gets what I believe in. I knew it the moment they proposed a collaboration with Snoop Dogg. I was like, "Oh, that's what we're doing with this!" We help each other in the best way possible. I get to travel the world — I mean, I'm in Singapore right now! We get to work with the best celebrities, we get to work with the best creators, and we just help each other thrive, really. And I think that's what makes us so special.

What are some of your favourite Marc Jacobs Beauty products?
There are a couple. The Highliners are a must, because they will stand through everything, even a fire in your house. The Accomplice Concealer and Powder are a must too, and the Youthquake is a perfect base before you apply anything else on. The Bronzer, the Glosses, the Dew drops... I mean, you name it and they're all really good. If you're a lip person, their lip products are bomb. If you're an eye person, their eyebrows are bomb, so it's an all-around good brand. I wouldn't partner with a brand if it was anything less than that.

You've addressed your struggle with skin redness a fair bit in your videos. How do you handle it, makeup-wise?
I mainly just use the Accomplice Concealer right now. I see a little redness, bam, I pop it on. If you have a little spot that keeps coming through, you can pop a little bit of compressed powder on, then layer a little bit of Accomplice Concealer over the top. Then go back with the powder, and back with the concealer, back with the powder again... It's like a sandwich. You cover it up, and you won't see it until you take your makeup off again. (insert vidly video here)

Is the Accomplice Concealer everything you look out for when purchasing a base product?
Mostly! What I tend to look out for is, first, a concealer that's light enough for [gestures to face] this toilet paper. I am really light, so I need a concealer that is light enough, and I also need it to have a lot of coverage. I mean, why would you spend five minutes blending in concealer that's not going to look like anything in the end? So I need a concealer that have a lot of coverage and that's going to stay. It needs to have a matte feel but still look like skin.

I know you've been in Singapore for only a few hours, but if you could recommend just one Marc Jacobs Beauty product to a local, what would it be?
Okay, so I got a question yesterday on Snapchat, and it was, "How do you make your makeup last in this heat?" And I found my answer people — it's the Marc Jacobs Under(cover) Blurring Coconut Face Primer. This is a mattifying primer, a clear one, and when you pop it on, it controls your oils, blurs pores and fine lines, too. You will need this in Singapore, because it's so hot in here. Honestly, how do you people do this!