My beauty essentials: Ming Bridges, singer-songwriter, and founder of Rentadella divulges her skin- and bodycare regime

My beauty essentials: Ming Bridges, singer-songwriter, and founder of Rentadella divulges her skin- and bodycare regime

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The name Ming Bridges is one that has made waves in the music industry over the past few years. Don’t believe us? The Australian-born, Singapore-based singer-songwriter captured the attention of music critics and fans back in 2012 with her self-composed album, ‘Ming Day’. Homegirl even opened for Niall Horan when the crooner headlined in Singapore earlier this year. No big deal... sure.

Not one to be typecasted, Bridges, at just 25, is also the founder of Rentadalla, a local fashion rental e-tailer of designer dresses. Peek at her Instagram, and you'll see her showcasing its latest offerings, her jamming sessions and advocacy for body positivity. Her tastes are eclectic, but one thing remains a constant: her impossibly she's-all-that skin. Naturally, Buro.'s beauty department has a lot of questions.

Below, the results of our incessant interrogation as Ming clues us in on her skin- and bodycare regime, go-to makeup looks, and her ultimate beauty indulgence. 

My daily skincare regime consists of 100% organic cold-pressed Rose hip oil by The Ordinary, facial massage (with my rose quart gua sha tools), Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream Moisturiser, Charlotte Tilbury Eye Cream, and topped off with good old SPF if I'm going to be outdoors (I love Elizabeth Arden's City Smart or La Roche-Posay's Anthelios XL cream). For deodorant, I either use Nivea Men's (stronger for Singapore weather) or Aesop deodorant, which I love!

During the day if I'm outdoors I'll top up with Supergoop spray or setting powder (If I remember!)

Ming Bridges, beauty essentials

Before I shower I always body brush. I go on and off using body scrub but I do love Frank Bod.

Before I sleep I will use makeup wipes if I just wore concealer but if it's been a big makeup day I'll wash my face with a Total Cleansing Cream by a German company called Dermaviduals Basic. Then I finish up with Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Night Cream, which is incredible.

For days I have a pimple breakout my go-to is Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. Works wonders. The only times I do have a breakout will usually be around my period or when I eat foods that dehydrate my body, like too much sugar or Doritos.

One beauty secret I've learnt from my mum is to use body lotion and bio oil. My mum puts so much body lotion on when she was younger that she no longer has body hair on her legs and arms, and they're smooth as anything. It also helps with stretch marks and cellulite. My favourite is Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream — it makes my skin so smooth.

My ultimate beauty indulgence would be the SKII face mask. I also love using KNC Beauty all-natural collagen infused lip masks and eye masks. I'll put these on and then be a weirdo and pluck out ingrown hairs from my legs with a tweezer — I find it very satisfying.

Ming Bridges, beauty essentials

The beauty treatment/service I can't live without is my lash extensions! I've searched all over Singapore and have finally found my favourite place — LASH & CO. Best investment ever. I also love threading my upper lip and eyebrows; my face always looks brighter once I get them done. I love going to Browhaus in Singapore and BLINK in the UK.

If I really want to treat myself I'll go for a lymphatic drainage massage. In the UK, there's a place I go to called 'Face Gym' where they give your face a good workout and in Singapore, 'Body Inc' does a great one. It stimulates your skin to produce collagen.

My signature scent is constantly changing but my longest love has been Chanel's Chance.

Ming Bridges, beauty essentials

The secret to my good skin is staying in the shade and drinking lots of water. I've also reduced the amount of dairy I eat for ethical reasons but it has also cleared my skin up immensely. Getting a good sweat on from an infrared sauna or working out also keeps your skin glowing! I also drink a shot of WelleCo's Super Elixir (by Elle McPherson) every morning which is packed with every vitamin, mineral and nutrient you need but in whole food form.

I get my hair done at a minimalist Japanese salon called KIZUKI+LIM. I love their style and always leave there with a fresh cut.

The shampoo I'm currently using is the Aveda exfoliating shampoo for thin hair but I love Rahua when I want to spoil myself. Shampoo is something I always play around with.

Ming Bridges, beauty essentials

I don't use much makeup, but when I do I have a go-to look: Concealer is my number one for my eye bags — my favourite that I cannot live without is The Retoucher by Charlotte Tilbury. If I'm traveling, I'll throw in a Charlotte Tilbury makeup palette that has everything I need; bronzer, highlighter, eye shadow and blusher. I also use their Feline Flick eyeliner for my top lid and their Rock 'N' Kohl eye pencil for my bottom lash. For mascara, I like to use Bad Gal Bang! by Benefit Cosmetics.  For my lips, either my go-to day colour, which is the Pillow Talk lip liner and Penelope Pink lip stick by Charlotte Tilbury, or my go-to night colour, Lord & Berry's Intimacy lip liner — I got it once in an advent calendar and that has been my signature colour ever since. And yes, I did once sit at a Charlotte Tilbury counter where someone put all these products on my face. I went on to buy them all and replicate said look every time I needed to put makeup on. It just works!
Ming Bridges, beauty essentials

When I'm feeling adventurous and have more time on my hands, I'll pull out my Urban Decay Palette (I have quite a few) and get experimental. They have the best colours ever!

My fitness regime consists of walking. Walking is my staple. My favourite exercise is going on long walks or hikes with my family — I always end up losing weight on holidays just because we schedule in a big walk most days and love to have tennis tournaments. This is my favourite way of keeping active — when it doesn't feel like I am. I also love meeting friends for exercise classes and here I love doing different things. My go-to are HIIT, Yoga Movement (which I am a regular at), pilates (I've just started at Absolute You) and spinning (which I'll do all over the world). I love getting experimental and trying all the weird and wonderful workout classes around the world when I travel.

Post-workout, I would drink a Banana Almond Butter Protein Smoothie! Or lunch, depending on when I work out. Most gyms have smoothie bars now but if not, I'll make my own with my WelleCo Nourishing Protein Powder (made of sprouted brown rice and pea protein) which includes digestive enzymes, all nine essential amino acids, B vitamins and pre- and pro-biotics. The chocolate is my favourite. This smoothie is delicious and I'll make it throughout the day if I'm hungry and want something sweet.

Ming Bridges, beauty essentials

My gym bag bath and body essentials is deodorant. I'll probably use the men's version here. I also have Wearecultured's Organic Solar Mist which is an intelligent solar pro-biotic ferment for your hands and body. It's basically a skin cleanser that efficiently modulates skin microbiota and combats dirt and odour. It's just great when you can't shower right after your workout and keeps me from getting sweat rashes and all that nasty stuff. I usually leave my post glow sweat and rosy cheeks to do its thing! If anything, I have my concealer with me just for my eye bags. Also helps having lash extensions.

The workout class I always recommend to all my friends is spinning! It's so fun and makes me feel like I'm in a nightclub. I couldn't recommend them more. I use to tell everyone I go to a class with about how I was going to invent these pants with pads in them to stop the seats being so uncomfortable until someone finally turned around and told me 'yeah, they're called cycling shorts.' Oops.

Check out Rentadella here.

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