My beauty essentials: Astrie Sunindar-Ratner, owner of The Beauty Candy Apothecary

My beauty essentials: Astrie Sunindar-Ratner, owner of The Beauty Candy Apothecary

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Photo: Vanessa Caitlin

We speak to the ultimate beauty insider, Astrie Sunindar-Ratner, the woman responsible for curating an impeccable selection of brands at her store, The Beauty Candy Apothecary. We step in her home to take a peek at her own collection of beauty must-haves

Astrie Suninder-Ratner is the first women we thought of for this column and rightfully so. As the owner and curator of The Beauty Candy Apothecary, she has been handpicking and bringing the best beauty brands and lifestyle products under one roof — think everything from local brand Allies of Skin to cult favourite Tata Harper. In person, Sunindar-Ratner is a walking beauty inspiration. Chic, elegant and always perfectly-dressed, the expecting Sunindar-Ratner  — she was almost due at the time of our shoot — is a super busy mother of two, but always looks put together with beautiful hair and just the right amount of makeup. She positively glowed in the surroundings of her gorgeous home, as she showed us the products and makeup she actually uses on herself. Ladies, read and learn.

One beauty secret I've learned from my mum is
 ​to always cleanse your face before bedtime.

My daily skincare regimen consists of 
Tata Harper Regenerating Cleaner in the morning followed by the brand's Rejuvenating Serum, which I always recommend to my friends. At night I always cleanse and massage my face with the Liz Earle Cleanser or Tata Harper Oil Cleanser followed by Nouri Face Oil. It's a new brand we will be introducing at The Beauty Candy Apothecary soon. It's packed with fresh vitamin C. However I learned over the years that the key to healthy skin is not just the products we use, but also what we eat, drink and our lifestyle. 

Tata Harper skincare Astrie Suninder-Ratner

​I love creating my own scents. One of my many dreams is to create a Beauty Candy fragrance. Meanwhile I use a mix of soft musk oil with d'Anjou pear perfume from Parfums ​des Beaux Arts.​ I always love soft, powdery musks.

I get my hair cut at 
Kim Robinson. Their blowouts are fabulous. My hair colourist Kathy is also at Kim Robinson.

My failproof lipstick brand and shade name is 
Armani Lip Maestro No 501, which I have been using for years. For red, I love The Edit by Treat Collection.

One beauty brand I wish more people have heard of is
​ RMS Beauty​

Astrie Suninder-Ratner makeup picks 
My favourite shampoo is Phyto Paris and good old Vidal Sassoon​ because it smells divine.

My fitness regimen consists of 
Pilates and right now prenatal yoga​.

Back home my favourite indulgence is 
applying a face mask, then have a long, hot shower. I use a body scrub and then apply a mix of body oil and body balm right before hitting the bed! Bliss.

The secret to my good skin is
​ that I massage my face every night when I cleanse.​

Nouri products Astrie Suninder-Ratner
When I travel I always pack ​a lot of beauty products. But I always need my face cleansers, Marvis toothpaste, day and night moisturisers, Bobbi Brown eyebrow pencil and my all time favourite Armani Lip Maestro, which I use on my cheeks as well.​

The three makeup products I can't live without are 
eyebrow pencil, blush and lipstick.​

The dream brands I would love to carry in The Beauty Candy Apothecary are
 ​Aurelia Probiotic from London and Three Cosmetics from Japan.

I keep my hair looking perfect and in place with Alexandre de Paris Hair clips, I always have one with me! I also use Mermaid Hair Shine Spray No 1.

Astrie Suninder-Ratner assorted beauty products
Now that I'm pregnant I am extra careful about the nail polishes I use. I only use Treat Collection lacquers as they're 5-free, so I know they're safe for my nails. The Gentle Nail Polish Remover is also soy-based and vegan.

My favourite candle scents are 
Maison Balzac Rose, which I use to scent our store, and Diptyque Baies.

My recommendation for a relaxing evening in is to have a cup of chamomile tea and honey tea. Tata Harper Body Oil is another must for relaxation — the scent is so therapeutic.

The Beauty Candy Apothecary is located at #02-27 Mandarin Gallery