More than moisturiser: What you really need for optimum skin hydration

More than moisturiser: What you really need for optimum skin hydration

Inside out

Text: Lam Bee Lan

As we age, our skin woes change from acne and spots to a dry, sometimes confused complexion. Here's the multi-pronged approach you should take

Skin hydration, though extremely vital, is something many of us take for granted. When we were young, our biggest issues (if any) were usually acne-based. Everyone cared whether their skin was pimply, and no one spared a thought or worried about having dry skin. However the later half of out 20s did not prove to be much kinder, with the realisation that the slow loss of hydration can be just as evil as puberty. With dry skin, one does not only experience large pores and fine lines — instead, horror of horrors —  acne is just as likely to form when the skin feels dry and thus secretes more oil to compensate on the surface. What then, can be done to tackle this tricky situation?


Most books say that the first step you should take is applying moisturiser, but before you slap on any cream or gel, remember that you have to start from the inside. Real changes require internal adjustments as well, so do remember to start with a minimum of 8 full cups (approximately 2 litres) of water a day. But that doesn't mean the slick-skinned among you are absolved from moisturiser thereafter. Oilier skins may actually be suffering from dehydration as a root cause, so applying a moisturiser specially formulated for combination skin such would be ideal. 

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Wrinkles are one of the first very obvious signs of a lack of hydration, which is why women with genetically drier skin tend to get them first. Don't believe us? Look at the friends who are around your age and observe how each has aged differently. beyond moisturisers, don't forget the application of serums, as they help retain hydration within the skin. Kinerase C6 Peptide Intensive Treatment has an advanced hexapeptide (six amino acids) that demonstrates botulinum toxin-like effects and improves the appearance of ageing skin. It even helps reduce the depth of wrinkles up to 30 per cent after 30 days, helping skin look more smoothed out and hydrated.

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For those who find that they need even deeper hydration, they can consider injecting moisture into the skin using fillers like Restylane Skinboosters. These Skinboosters reach deep below the surface to infuse hyaluronic acid back into the skin so that it becomes firmer and plumper. This is done through fine micro-injections and can even help create a lifted look overall. This can be used in conjunction with fillers to achieve one's desired look.


When all is said and done, one should still never forget or forgo sunblock. There's a reason that grapes shrivel up to raisins when left out in the sun. Skin that is more prone to acne can opt for a sunscreen that offers ample protection yet will not clog the pores, such as Papulex's sunscreen that is formulate for acne-prone skin. There are even mineral formulas for those allergic to chemicals found in many sunscreens. The bottomline? The sun is extremely damaging to skin. It can dry it out further, and worsen the look of acne scars, so there is really no excuse not to slap on sunscreen... even if you suffer from spots and an oily complexion.

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